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I felt tired for all sorts of reasons, but for the time being, Megiddo-san’s case was already resolved, so I returned home.

After that, I had to ask Alice and Iris, who could be considered experts on this subject, about my awakened Heart Tool, so I went to Iris-san’s bar.



[How does it feel Do you have an idea of how much you’d be able to use it]


At the moment, I could use Αναμνήσεις once a day for about 15 minutes…… It’s probably not that long huh]

(T/N: Memories)



My Heart Tool bearing the name Αναμνήσεις had awakened, and I knew how to use it.

And it turns out that the power of my Heart Tool allows me to summon the members of the research group I fought with in Shiro-san’s ordeal back then.

However, even if I wanted to call and talk to them, I would only be able to talk to one person a day for about 15 minutes, and it’s unfortunate that I’m not in a situation where I can leisurely talk to them.

Hearing my words though, Alice and Iris-san looked somewhat nostalgic.



[Ah~~ Kaito-san, that’s just how it is at the beginning.]


We too, when our Heart Tools first awakened, could barely manifest them for a short time each day.]

[Is that so]


The performance of a Heart Tool doesn’t depend on the user’s magic power.

Heart Tools have something like proficiency in them, and if you train and accumulate enough proficiency, your Heart Tool will grow and the effect time will increase.

When I use Kaito-san’s Heart Tool with my Ἑκατόγχειρες, I can summon a large number of people with almost no time limit…… If Kaito-san’s proficiency with the Heart Tool improves, you will be able to summon multiple people for an extended period of time.]

(T/N: Hekatonkheires)

[……I see.

Incidentally, how do I improve my proficiency]



In other words, my Αναμνήσεις have just awakened and is still Lv 1.

And so, by increasing my proficiency level, the effect time will be extended and the number of people that I can summon will increase……

It’s nice to know that it doesn’t depend on the amount of magic power the person has.

This means that even someone lacking magic power like me can bring out the best of this ability by raising its proficiency.



[Basically, you just repeatedly use it.

Once a day, even if it’s just a short period of time, use your Heart Tool.

In the world where we are from, those who have awakened their Heart Tools train themselves in this way.

By doing so, they gradually increase their proficiency levels, and in some cases, their Heart Tool may even grow further.]

[Ohh, so the Heart Tool could also grow further huh.]

[A simple example of that would be my Ultimate Battle Form.

It’s something like a trump card you can use when the proficiency level of your Heart Tool has reached its limit.]



Ἑκατόγχειρες’s Ultimate Battle Form, if I’m not mistaken, is a tremendous ability that allows Alice to take in the bonds she formed in her body and gives Alice the ability to evolve infinitely.

However, it seems that she can’t casually use it due to its severe activation requirements……



[……Come to think of it, does Iris-san’s ἀποκάλυψις have an Ultimate Battle Form]

(T/N: Apocalypse, a Staff-type Heart Tool.)

[Yeah, it has…… but the Ultimate Battle Form of my Heart Tool is difficult to handle…… In the first place, it’s an ability I can’t use by myself.]

[Iris’ Ultimate Battle Form was awakened when we fought against a monster called Seven-Star Demon Beast, and putting aside how strong we were now, the us who were fighting that beast back then were still weak, so it was a really fierce battle.

Well, it would take a long time to explain the events of that time in detail, so I’ll save it for another time.

Anyhow, she can activate her Ultimate Battle Form by holding the ἀποκάλυψις with me.]

[Heehhh…… That sounds kinda cool.]



It kinda feels like her strongest form becomes awakened by the bond between the two of them, so it sounds cool.

Well, since Iris-san said it’s difficult to handle, the activation conditions should be quite limited……



[Incidentally, as an additional effect, I can bestow ἀποκάλυψις the other abilities I borrowed with Ἑκατόγχειρες.

For example, there’s this Heart Tool I can use that allows me to attack all opponents in sight at the same time, and if I bestow that ability to ἀποκάλυψις, it allows me to fire beams at all opponents in sight at the same time.

I can also bestow it multiple abilities at the same time, allowing me to do various things depending on the combination.]

[Well, both of us need to hold our ἀποκάλυψις, so it’s hard to handle…… but my Ultimate Battle Form is roughly something like that.

It’s an ability that gives me tremendous power in exchange for severe conditions…… but well, you’re still a long way off to reach your Ultimate Battle Form, Miyama Kaito.]

[Speaking of which, Kaito-san’s Ultimate Battle Form hasn’t manifested yet, so I don’t know what it would be like even with my Ἑκατόγχειρες.]



Hmmm, something like an evolved power like that feels kinda cool…… but well, there isn’t really any need to rush getting that.

What I should focus on first is my goal of being able to call Alyssa and the other members of the study group long enough to leisurely talk to them.



[……Come to think of it, how is my Heart Tool like from Alice and Iris-san’s perspective]

[It’s totally broken.

It’s the strongest among the Buff-type abilities.

It’s probably because Kaito-san’s mental strength has always been tremendous, but the ability increase is nasty, and if you increase its proficiency levels, the range should also increase.]

[The fact that it’s an incorporeal-type is also a strong point.

If a person’s Heart Tool gets attacked, the user will also receive mental damage, but since your Heart Tool is intangible, you won’t receive feedback like that.

It’s a shame that being like that personally doesn’t have an effect on you, but as a support, it’s an extremely powerful Heart Tool.]

[Ohh~~ Now that you described it like that, it kinda makes me happy.]



When it comes to combat-related matters, I felt like I have completely hopeless talent…… but as a support, I was very happy to be evaluated as strong by the two of them.

……For example, I can also give power-ups to Bell and Lynn…… It feels like my abilities are really leaning toward being a Monster Tamer……


















Serious-senpai : [Indeed, the times when Kaito is actually being evaluated as being amazing in something that’s at least related to combat is precious.]


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