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Chapter 4281: The Other Side 250Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios


“What exactly are you trying to run away from”

The evening breeze blew gently over the edge of the window and through the gap in the door, brushing the back of his neck.

Enveloping his face though, was the warm mist of the bathroom.

It was like fire and ice.


The actor couldnt help feeling his skin crawl, as if countless cicadas were seeping through his pores, giving him goosebumps.

He couldnt look the other man in the eye.

He could sense the depth and intensity of the other mans gaze.

“What do you mean, trying to run away from”

Gong Jie became even more curious at this reaction.

He closed in on Hua Jin, as if deliberately provoking him.

With raised eyebrows, he asked the actor, “Have you never seen a mans body”

“What do you mean”

“Why else…” Gong Jie looked down at himself, then back at him.

“…would you be so sensitive”


“If I didnt know better, Id think you like me!”

Upon hearing this, Hua Jin shoved the man aside at once! “Youd better not say such nonsense!”

Gong Jie was surprised at his defiance.

Hua Jin had been enduring quietly in his presence all this while.

Even if he had been angry, he would never dare voice it.

From the time they first met and played video games together until they became more familiar with each other, the actor had always shown a fearful attitude towards him and avoided him.

Even when he was angry, he never dared express it.

It was as if he was afraid of him.

It was the first time hed ever stood up to him and shoved him.

Gong Jies interest was piqued.

The actor said through gritted teeth, “Was the prank fun”


“Do you like to tease others that much Just because youre the young master of the Gong family, you think you can be high and mighty and not care about anyones feelings! I dont like your prank on me.

Please dont do it again!” The actor seemed to be throwing a hissy fit, even though such resistance in front of Gong Jie was not even comparable to a cats scratch.

He gave no heed to what was probably Hua Jins greatest show of resistance!

It was just that even when the actor lost his temper, it didnt seem like a big deal.

Although hed done his best to use a harsh tone, Gong Jie was unscathed by it.

However, the more this was the case, the more it showed his guilt.

Gong Jie was enjoying the mans tantrum with abandon, his thin lips curling as he crossed his arms arrogantly over his chest.

Rather than irritated, he was extremely calm, even teasing.

“You look very guilty when youre angry.”

For a moment the actor was speechless, unable to say another word.

He stared at him, tongue-tied.


Realization hit him like hed just woken from his sleep.

Why was he so jumpy Why did he seem so angry To an outsider, he did indeed look guilty.

But why should he feel guilty about what hed said It was just a bathrobe.

Why was he dodging it It was as if he was afraid that his gaze would fall on that mans body!

The actor frowned.

Even to himself, his reaction was curiously odd.

“Do you prefer women, or men” Gong Jie abruptly threw the question at the dazed actor.

Hua Jin instinctively replied before he could even actually react, “I dont know…”

As soon as he said that, he himself, let alone Gong Jie, was stunned.

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