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He stood up, walked to his table then took his phone turning to leave the office. Seeing this movement, she suddenly asked, " Where are you going? ".

He replied without looking at her, " I have an important appointment to meet ".

" Ooh, I will be on my way then ", she said with a smile as she left the office.

Suddenly she stopped on her tracks, turned around and blew a kiss then said, " Bye my love ", with a sweet smile.

Joseph, who was caught off guard, just pretended that he didn see or hear that but he also couldn help but say after she left, " I just said I will think about it and shes already blowing kisses. What would happen if I actually accept her as a girlfriend ".

He took his car keys then walked into his secretarys office to tell her about his departure. Meggs, Im off ", he said leaving without waiting for her reply.

Just then Daniel and Chris were walking towards his office while chatting, only to see him leaving.

" Yo, where you going ", Chris asked following his movement with his eyes as he passed them.

" Im off to some of my own business ", he said still going towards the elevator.

Following him, Daniel and Chris got to where he was. " Hold on ", said Daniel and they walked to where he was standing waiting for them.

" Your own business??? Explain ", asked Daniel raising his left brow up.

" Im just going out with someone ", Joseph replied half truthfully.

" Hmmmm, someone ", Daniel teased with a smirk.

" Who? ", Chris inquired trying to figure out who it was.

" Thats none of your business ", Joseph said dodging the question. At the reply, Chris could already sense who it was. Then he said,

" Really dude. You guys just reconciled. Take it easy men. You are acting as if you just reconciled with your one true love after years of separation ", Chris said a little concerned.

" Cmon dude. How are we even sure they weren lovers then ", Daniel teased again.

" We are just friends and you know that ", firmly replied Joseph.

" We

e just catching up after four years, nothing else ", Joseph added defensively.

" Are you sure? No intimate feeling attached ", Daniel asked.

" He has a point, shes hot cake ", Chris said in support of Daniel.

" Meaning???? ", he asked in confusion.

" Youll see ", Daniel said with a wink.

The look on Josephs face clearly showed confusion but he thought, " He said I will see. I guess I will wait ".

Turning to them again he said,

" Can I go now ",

" We can keep her waiting ", Chris said with a smile.

He took the elevator, got the ground floor then exited the building going straight to his car and driving off to the Life Foundation Hospital. . .

On the way he dropped by his place to get the ice bucket, a bottle of champagne and whiskey.

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