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"No- no way!" Sunrua stood in the middle of the desolate field completely distraught his mouth unconsciously forming a gaping hole. This wasn even comparable to a match between to teams, it was more similar to beasts effortlessly shooting at a barrel filled with feeble fish, that have no way to fight back but to wiggly and squirm around, however no matter how hard they squirm its all futile in the eyes of the beasts. All three of the balls thrown were reflected directly back to other side after the impact. Only the same 2 balls remain. If Sunrua was to even reach for a ball hed be executed almost instantly, within a second of letting his guard down. The tension rose as Sunrua stared the other team down defining his reluctance to let his guard down, and accept defeat. Kent stared right back but instead with a look of ecstasy on his face. "Im glad that shut your running mouth down. Huh?" "I see you

e still not ready to accept defeat but tell me what the hell are you going to do?" Sunruas eyes dart towards the 2 balls at the back of the room almost at opposite ends and instantly back to Kent. Titans a race much faster, stronger, smarter, fitter than any other race. Humans at the complete opposite end, a match up like this is a destined defeat. "I take my eyes if them for a second and its over. I can tell Kent is waiting for that moment." Kent continues grinning tossing the ball into the air and back into the palm of his hand taunting him. He had complete belief in his victory. "So Sunrua you just gonna stand there you know your holding every body u-"

Before Kent even had the chance to complete his sentence Sunrua bolts to the right and soars towards the ball. "Ha in a moment of desperation even a worm would attempt to fly!" "You thought you got my guard down solely cause I was talking?" "Unless you can outrun a bullet you

e done!" Kent thrusts his arm forward catapulting the ball at speeds that would shock a rocket. In less than a second the ball was hurtling directly behind sunrua, as he was still a few metres away from his goal the ball remained a few inches away from its own. "NOW!" Suddenly Sunrua pivots his torso towards the ball as he jumps in the opposite direction his left had narrowly being able to connect with the ball, just barely gaining his footing, he turns his entire body towards the ball and supports the catch with his other right hand. "What the hell? Its-Its like pushing against a brick wall!" his feet begin to create skid marks on the floor beneath him until he is pushed against the back wall. Pushing his shoulders against the wall he is able to complete regain his stance and finally the ball stops there clamped between sunruas palms, as he gasps for air. Bewildered he stares at the ball. "I actually stopped the ball it worked?!" Sunrua turns his head towards the coach. Who is just looking onwards dumbfounded alongside the silence of the entire black team. "Kent." "You

e, You re out!"

Kent stands silently stunned, following those words suddenly a multitude of cheers and praises overwhelmed the backside of the court. Sunrua drops the ball and glances down to his quivering beet red palms, his skin torn by the friction of the ball, a drop of blood slides down his hands. He clenches his hands into a fist and looks forward with a smile. The cheers increase, "um scuse me sir." A crackled voice comes from the other end of the room seizing the loud cheers to a complete stop. The human boy on the black team is standing with Kent and another titan looming over him in front of the coach. "Yeah sir I think you missed it, it was me- it was me that threw that ball!" Sunruas eyes widen fuelled by a merge of anger and confusion. No **ing way, no way hes actually going to believe that **. "Ah I see. Guess hes out instead, Kent your still in." The coach replies with an emotionless face. "Since it was a catch the white team get their earliest player to get out which was, Xen get back in there." The entire white team heads turn slowly and look at Xen sympathetically, his gently pushes his scrawny arms against the bench pushing him to his feet, and crept towards the court. Kent grinned as he marched back to his side of the court and the other boy went to sit on the bench.

The whistle blows once again. Sunrua bends his knees ready for his next attack "Ok we still have a chance lets-" "Sunrua shut your **ing mouth up!" "No matter how many times it is thrown right into your **ing face, you still dont see it we cant win, its all futile!" "I was lucky I didn get as in same shape as the other guys on our team look at them!" "What You just brought me back for what to die alongside you?!" "Im sorry I don have a death wish Im going to do what Carter did and head over the line."Sunruas eyes blacked out by his hair slumped towards the ground, Xen takes a step towards the line, another and another "Hey." Sunrua murmurs. Xen stops in place, as Sunrua slowly raises his head till their eyes locked. Staring deep into Xens eye Sunrua utters "I know you want it." "What?" "You want to pick up a ball, you want to see the destroyed look on their faces after eliminating one of them out with a powerful shot, you want to win." "Dont you?" He queries Xen takes a gulp, "No ones holding you back, you want the victory then take it dont imagine anyone in your way but yourself." "If its truly something you dont want then you can leave." "Obviously I want to but-" Suddenly the ball is planted within Xens arms. "This is the only ball Sunrua!" "You see the shackles dont exist the ball is now n your court."

Xen looks down for a second, suddenly he is sent tumbling to the ground a ballswept over his shoulder slamming against the back wall, Xen opens his eyes to see the ball gently rolling away Suddenly his eyes light up and he leaps for the ball, grabbing it and almost instantly jumps to his feet, setting his shoulder back as far as he can and with a burst of energy he catapults the ball towards the other side with a battle cry. The ball doesn nearly reach the speed of the other team it was quite a weak shot even for ordinary people, they could all easily dodge or even catch it, the black team had lost nothing less than a liability. Xen looks towards his ball in dismay however a soon a shadow shines above him. "When a fish learns, no when a fish decides to fly higher than that barrel, even to a beast whats to come next is nothing less than unpredictable." *BAM! Sunrua head height with the ball mid air raises his arm and strikes the ball with such power it sends his entire body forward flying forward. "Go!" The ball creates a direct collison with Kents face thrusting his head back, the shape of the ball had been implanted with his face. However he still refuses to fall over, he returns to standing up straight and brushes his writ against his mouth, the ball had managed to burst his lip! "Ha try lie that one off." remarks Xen under his face with a beaming smiling on his face. "Kent out!" "Sunrua." "Out!" Xen looks up his face filled with glee turned to one of confusion, Sunrua laid on the floor with half of his body across the line.

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