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Youlian Cave House.

You Lianzi is very lively and the scene is grand.

This time, his teacher was promoted to Golden Elixir Realm, and he even set up a running water banquet for ten days and ten nights.

Huo Yunzi and Hei Shazi came with a stranger, but no one paid attention at all, and they were still drinking heavily.

Fang Xian went to the banquet and heard many flattering people.

In addition, they also talked about the ‘big events’ in the world of cultivation.

The sword fighting between Shushan Sword Sect and Xuanguang Sect, as well as the breakthrough of Fuze Zhenjun, which were all extremely sensational events.

In addition, the Wind and Cloud Sect was destroyed for some reason, and many people mentioned it.

“The Wind and Cloud Sect has golden elixir ancestors in charge.

Although it is incomparable to our Luoshan faction, it is also a great family.

No one knows who has destroyed the whole sect.

That’s miserable… The one who shot it must be an unparalleled devil! “

Huoyun Zi leisurely took a sip of wine and opened the chat.

‘I’m not, don’t slander my innocence! It is clear that the Wind and Cloud Sect is the place where the demons hide their filth… What is that Old Daoist Zhuyun thinking, not coming forward to clarify…’

Fang Xian sneered in his heart.

At this time, people heard a Luoshan sect disciple in the hall said in an attempt to flatter: “Among the five lotus seeds, only Senior Brother Youlian is the most loved by the master.

I heard that after the ancestor broke through this time, he also rewarded him with a magic weapon… …I wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to meet him”

You Lian said with a red face: “Why not”

Immediately, he took out a black flag, and just shook it, there was a lot of gloom on it, and it turned into five devils.

“I’d like you to know… This thing is called the Five Ghost Banners, and it’s because the master respected his old man’s chivalry and righteousness.

He killed a demon and re-trained to surpass the above restrictions.

Now there are thirty-six earth demon restrictions on it…”

You Lianzi looked triumphant, but he didn’t notice the change in Fang Xian’s expression when this banner appeared. 

Hei Shazi applauded again and again, but did not forget Fang Xian, and shouted: “We have a fellow of Hundred Herbs Hall here, and there are treasures to present to senior brother!”


You Lianzi glanced at Fang Xian nonchalantly, and said, “Bring it up!”

Fang Xian stepped forward generously and said with a smile: “I have a treasure, and I’m about to ask you to appreciate it…”

As soon as he patted the gourd around his waist, the wind and cloud fan appeared in his hand.

“This is… a magic weapon!”

You Lianzi’s eyes widened.

There are many magical tools, but the magical treasures are rare.

After all, the seventy-two earth shackles are complete, and a heavenly Big Dipper can be born.

It is rude to say that among the tens of thousands of disciples of the Luoshan School, there are very few people who have magical tools, and they are especially favored by their teachers.

As for the magic weapon How dare they covet it Even if it is an unaffiliated immortal of the supernatural power realm, they will be somewhat unqualified!

“Since you sincerely offered this treasure, then I will accept it bluntly.”

You Lianzi’s eyes were full of greed, and even Huo Yunzi and Hei Shazi looked at each other, and their hearts were full of annoyance: ‘If I knew this young master was so rich, I wouldn’t have brought him here and found a place to bully him.


A white-haired old man sitting in the upper seat suddenly shouted: “This treasure looks familiar, it seems to be the Fengyun Fan of the Wind and Cloud Sect”

“Isn’t the Wind and Cloud Sect destroyed”

You Lianzi continued the sentence and his expression suddenly froze.

At this moment, Fang Xian sighed softly and fanned the wind and cloud fan.

After all, this fan is a magic weapon of the Heavenly Dipper realm, and as soon as it is fanned, the wind and divine sand will appear.

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There’s one thing this fan is really good at, and You Lianzi who was at the front was blown by the wind, and all his flesh and blood disappeared, leaving only a white bone, which slowly fell apart and turned into flying ashes.

Fang Xian took action without showing mercy or concealing his killing intent.

Turn the fan in all directions.


Where the gust of wind passes, how can these monks who do not even have supernatural powers be able to resist They immediately turned to ashes.

After one round, there was no one alive at the banquet.

He then waved his hand, took the five ghost flags over, stroked the flag’s face, and sighed faintly.

‘This magic weapon has finally returned to my hands, I can feel the faint restriction put here by Master Baiyang, this means it will be easy for me to absorb some of his breath thru this fan…’

He sneered, the invisible needle immediately appeared in his hand, and disappeared into the void again.

He himself quickly controlled the escape light and left the crime scene.

Not long after, there were several Divine Ability Realm Sanctuary Immortals who came over, headed by a Golden Elixir ancestor who checked the venue with an ugly face.

Thousands of clouds float and sink in the profound light formation.

Yuntai High Pavilion, located above the white clouds, makes the monks look down on the mortal world like immortals in the sky.

Dang! Dang!

The dull copper bells kept reverberating.

“What’s the matter Why is it so noisy outdoors”

A white jade building opened, and Master Baiyang who had just been promoted to the Golden Elixir Realm, who has just been gathering the power from his newly found realm, flew out and asked with a frown.

“Reporting to Senior Uncle!”

A true disciple of the supernatural power realm flew away with a green leaf magic weapon: “We have an evil disciple causing havoc outside, and the elder Tianxing has already gone to check.”

“Another trouble caused by the outer disciples…”

Master Bai Yang frowned and was a little dissatisfied with the undisciplined side branch disciples.

In the next instant, a sound transmission came flying, and Elder Tian Xing’s voice came out: “Junior Brother Bai Yang, your disciple You Lianzi was killed… I’m afraid he caused this disaster…”

Bai Yang’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

No one noticed, the surrounding void moved, a flying needle appeared, pinpointed Master Bai Yang, and it was stabbed to his heart!


This needle light has no shape or shadow, no color, and no appearance, but it is sharp and incomparable, and it directly killed Master Baiyang until his body and spirit are completely destroyed.

The true disciple next to him had a dull face, not knowing what was going on.

How could a master at the Golden Elixir Realm die like this in the inner gate guarded by a great formation


At the instant of Bai Yang’s death, a consciousness awakened in Luo Shan School’s cave and let out an angry grunt.

A giant with three heads and six arms, blue-faced fangs, and three faces with different emotions emerged.

The six arms pressed the endless sea of ​​clouds, causing it to roll over and over, forming a restriction.

This is the dharma of ‘Luo Fu Zhenjun’!

Moreover, as soon as the shot is made, the ‘Ten Thousand Floating and Sinking Clouds Xuanguang Array’ fully operated, it wants to completely lock the murderer in the array, and then slowly arrested.

It can be said that this Zhenjun’s reaction is the result of an ultra-fast thinking, and his thinking is also very correct.

It’s just that a shapeless needle is between existence and non-existence, directly crossing the clouds and mist, disappearing without a trace.

The three-headed and six-armed dharma-image constantly scanned the Luoshan School sect, and finally could only let out a roar.

Seeing this, several masters of the Luoshan faction couldn’t help but look at each other, feeling a sense of coldness in their hearts.

‘A murderer actually sneaked into the Protector’s Great Array and killed Master Bai Yang… And the most crucial point is, the ancestors never caught the murderer! Doesn’t this mean… the other party can easily destroy me ‘

‘Our Luoshan faction, when did we provoke such a great enemy ‘

Everyone only cared about their own safety and even felt a bit of disgust for the Master Bai Yang who provoked the enemy…


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