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Luoshan is thousands of miles away.

Fang Xian was holding the five ghost banners and was carefully looking at the restrictions above.

The original five ghost banners only banned some ghosts and wraiths.

Now, after being refined by a master of the Golden Elixir Realm, five kinds of demon heads have been replaced, and the power has become more ferocious.

“Hercules, the Bone God, the Formless God, the Blood Sea God, the Formless Heart Demon… How come they are all demonic methods Wait… The Luoshan faction was originally a side door, like a mixture of fish and dragons, so it is only normal for the to have some collection demon methods…”

At this time, this magical instrument has no longer entered Fangxian’s eyes, but after all, it is this body’s Master’s relic, so it should be kept properly.

With another flick of his sleeve, an invisible needle emerged from the void and was cultivated in his dantian.

“Right now, let the incarnation outside my body deal with Shushan sect.

I should focus on working hard in order to form a golden elixir…”

He wandered aimlessly into the untouched wilderness, chose a place to open up a cave, slaughtered a few turtles and demons, and began to calculate the secret.

In order to achieve an elixir with the Tao of reincarnation, one must first obtain a divine passage technique involving reincarnation.

The inheritance of jade flute obtained from the Zhang family before is only at the level of spiritual art, and at most it is only middle and low-grade Dancheng, and there is no hope for it to reach the Dharma stage.

How could Fang Xian accept it

Immediately, he devoted himself to practicing hard, using the attribute bar to improve his understanding, and mixed it with the turtle and blood hexagram to understand the exercises.

**, Mingwang Temple.

Fang Xian and Monk Sanxiao came together as guests and were warmly received by Monk Jin Hai.

They were both practitioners, and they sat cross-legged directly, talking about mysticism, and exchanging cultivation insights.

Before anyone knew it, they were already talking about the two religions.

“The empty cave in Baigu Mountain is the inheritance of the Great Demon, and the Great Demon has long since met its doom… Now that Grandma Lu has fallen, why not let’s get rid of evil to its roots”

After Fang Xian killed Grandma Lu, they had some thoughts of cutting the grass from its roots and asked.

‘This person is so murderous, he deserves to be the master of the Sword of Slaying Immortals… No, I still don’t know if he can control this sword…’

Monk Sanxiao and Daoist Zhuyun looked at each other, and said, “The old ancestor of the cave is also a golden elixir demon cultivator, but he has a Baigu Yin-Yang sword.

Although he cannot be a real match, if he persistently guarded the mountain and did not get out of it, then we can’t really do anything.


“I see……”

Fang Xian knew that after the death of Grandma Lu, the ancestor of Yingkong must be like a frightened bird.

Unless you borrow the shapeless needle of the deity, only then can break through the formation and kill the enemy.

However, that was only a mere hole, and it was nowhere he should give importance to.

He glanced at Monk Jinhai and asked with a smile, “What about the Hundred Gu Sect”

“Amitabha, the monk knows a thing or two about this matter… The Hundred Gu Sect has three Golden Elixir sages, all of whom are human cultivators.

A ‘Blood Gu God’, it is said that it can match a Dharma realmed master, he is very powerful!”

Monk Jin Hai really was selling the Hundred Gu Sect.

The cultivator of the side door has no hope to prolong the longevity of their primordial spirit.

Producing a master of the Dharma realm is already their limit, and the Dharma Zhenjuns usually still had limited lifespan.

Once they pass away, their sects will usually go to a decline and eventually fall. 

This Hundred Gu Sect has taken a different approach, raising a ‘Blood Gu God’.

This Gu’s lifespan is still higher than that of the Dharma Zhenjun, and it is a great blessing.

Relying on it, it has survived several disasters, and its reputation is even greater than the Xiankong Cave.

Of course, there was also the reason that the hundreds of Gu sects are composed of human cultivators, and the Xiankong Cave is governed by the Demon Clan.

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The demon cultivators are naturally suppressed by the human race in this world.

Even the Shushan Sword Sect has a ‘Suppressing Demon Sword’, the intention is self-evident!

At this moment, several masters in the hall suddenly looked in a certain direction: “Not good…”

Fang Xian glanced at the hall and asked, “Where is Gu Daoxian”

Zhu Yingzi and Zhuge Wenxian stood hand in hand,

At this time, they can only answer: “Snuck out to play…”

“Fellow Daoists, why don’t we go together”

Fang Xian looked at Monk Sanxiao’s unhurried appearance, of course calmer, and asked with a smile.

“Very good!”

Old Daoist Zhuyun nodded, and several golden elixir masters rode the clouds together and flew somewhere.

A little time passed.

Gu Daoxian was impatient and felt suffocated at Mingwang Temple, especially when someone had formed a golden elixir, leaving him with nowhere to vent his supernatural powers, and it was embarrassing to meet him again, so he sneaked out and played around the temple.

Suddenly, two sneaky figures with bald scalps were seen.

It was Ma Dongdan who took his junior brother and sneaked out.

‘Are these two going to do something bad ‘

Gudao Xian’s childish heart activated, and cast a stealth method.

Quietly following them.

“Senior brother, that irritating bald monk cast a spell on us, we can’t escape!”

When they arrived at a secluded place, the junior brother said with a sad face.

“Hmph, how can the old bald donkey know all the secrets of this sect’s Gu worms”

Ma Dongdan showed a sinister smile on his face: “Especially for the true disciples, they have all cultivated a life Gu.

Once they die, they will send a video before their death back to the Patriarch’s Hall…”

“Master…Senior brother…” The junior brother was frightened and wanted to run away.

Ma Dong’s face turned dark: “Where do you want to go If I kill you and send a message, the masters and uncles will know, how will I get along in the future Although the old bald donkey has banned me from using mana, the worms are magical and beyond ordinary.

People can also learn some Gu techniques, and they don’t need to be activated by mana.

I’ve been listening to that bastard chanting scriptures for the past few days, but if I got something out of it, it is that maybe I don’t need to kill people, and I can also activate the natal Gu to communicate with our seniors! I’ve tried it before! The news has been sent, and I hope Master can come to save us…”

“Then there are a few more senior brothers…”

“I don’t care if they die, some of them have to stay in the temple, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the old monk!” Ma Dongdan sneered: “At that time, even if our master can’t battle the bald donkey, at least he can drag us away!”


When Gu Daoxian heard this, he couldn’t bear it any longer, and jumped out: “That little bald donkey, how can you call people that Just go back with me and accept your punishment.”

He is already a loose immortal in the supernatural power realm, and it is easy to deal with two ordinary people whose mana has been sealed.

But at this moment, a sinister voice sounded around: “Little child, your tone is so arrogant, is it you that imprisoned my disciple”


From the woods, a large number of green flying insects suddenly flew out and swept towards the Gu Daoxian.

“Bah! Monster, accept my sword!”

Gu Daoxian flicked his hand, and a sword qi flew out, carrying the real fire of refining demons, sweeping away the Gu worms.

The sword technique he cultivated came from the “Tai Shang Refining the Demon Sword Canon”, one of the three secret scriptures of the Shushan Sword Sect.

If you add the “Taiqing Slaying the Immortals” and “Taiyi Town Demon’s Secret”, it will be the supreme profound art that directly points to the Tao of Heaven and Immortals.”!

Not to mention, Gu Daoxian still has a golden silkworm sword in his hand!

Golden Silkworm Gu is the ancestor of other ten thousand Gus, and it is the nemesis of many Gu insects.

The Golden Core cultivator from the Hundred Gu Sect did not take a lot of time and immediately suffered a big loss.

A gourd of Gu insects that had been cultivated for a hundred years was burnt to the ground.

“Ah… kid, give me your life!”

That Golden Elixir realmed cultivator was so angry that his real body appeared, wearing a green robe, full of green hair, and an ugly appearance.

It was apparent that he was one of the three top Golden Elixir from the Hundred Gu Sect, the Lu Huang old ancestor.

“Huh So the young master is so strong”

Gu Daoxian saw that he was easily suppressed by a master in the golden elixir realm, but he was overjoyed.


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