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Speaking of which, this Gu Daoxian is also unlucky.

At the beginning, he was born into a family of immortals, so his life was guaranteed to be smooth and clear, more so when he was accepted as an inner disciple of Shushan Sect.

But outside the Fire Dragon Cave Mansion, he was hanged and beaten by Fang Xian, who was the head of the three immortals.

He had no hope of revenge and was almost beaten to the point of doubting his life.

Later, when he returned home to recuperate, with the help of spiritual pills, he was able to condense a magic sword art and advanced to the supernatural realm.

But because he did this, his foundation was unstable, this made the teacher not happy.

Seeing that he already has the golden silk sword, he will not give him the flying sword that he had prepared.

He didn’t know that his golden silkworm sword was only inferior, and it didn’t quite match the magic sword technique he practiced.

The Demon Refining Sword Art comes with the Demon Refining True Fire, which is the nemesis of the evil spirits.

Every time the flying sword is levelled up, the soul of the golden silkworm in the golden silkworm sword will be tortured.

If Gu Daoxian were to achieve great success in his cultivation, then the golden silkworm sword will directly be destroyed.

Of course, the elders of Shushan only gave small punishments and big admonitions.

But it is expected that after a period of time, they will realize that Gu Daoxian understands what he did wrong and will give him a suitable flying sword.

After all, he is one of the Three Immortals, and the future master of the refining magic sword!

Gu Daoxian didn’t know this.

He originally thought that he was also a loose immortal and had a flying sword in his hand, so he became proud and lively again making him want to test the sword with confidence.

In the end, when he met Fang Xian, the other party actually had reached the golden elixir realm!

Immediately, he was hit hard.

In his heart, the thought of ‘this person is really my natural nemesis’ came to his mind.

This time, he came out to relax, and he met a golden elixir realm that was restrained by his own sword.

Gu Daoxian finally gained back a bit of confidence.

“It turns out that it’s not that I’m too weak, but that person is too strong.

As for you… a mere golden elixir cultivator from a side sect This young master is going to kill a golden elixir cultivator to relax his mind today!”

With the flying sword in Gu Daoxian’s hand, he performed the Demon Refining Sword Art, and the true fire of Refining Demon emerged, forcing its way to Lu Huang Old Man…

After all, he is extremely talented, and his luck is also extraordinary.

He cultivates the Shushan True Inheritance, and the swordsmanship potential is vast, and there are flames attached to it, which is exactly the nemesis of all kinds of evil worms!

‘What a bitter life… Where did this little evil star come from ‘

Lu Huang felt wronged.

Obviously he suffered heavy losses, why is the other party so aggressive

He didn’t know that when Gu Daoxian saw Fang Xian easily beheading his target this time, Grandma Lu, he suddenly felt a little unwilling to admit defeat.

That’s why he wanted to 

But Lu Huang is the weakest among the three golden elixirs in the Hundred Gu Sect.

Although the Hundred Gu Sect has a true inheritance as a side door, but he is still having difficulties.

He has reached level seven of the golden elixir, all the best Gu insects he had was restrained badly, it seems like there is nothing else he can do at this point. 

Sword blows were exchanged, his forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he waved his green robe to escape, not even bringing his disciples.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

Gu Daoxian saw that Lu Huang was about to escape, immediately shouted, and started to use the supernatural power unified human and sword, turning it into a brilliant sword light, the speed was amazing, and it passed through the escape light made by the green-robed old man.

Lu Huang had a green robe full of magic treasures all over his body.

Those magic weapons however, are the worst kinds.

He was pierced by the golden silkworm sword, strangled by the sword light, and immediately died.

On the ground, Ma Dongdan and his junior brother were already dumbfounded.

“Master…Master was killed by that kid…”

“Are we dreaming”

After a while, the sky and the earth were blood red, and it seemed that there was a sea of ​​blood floating in.

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On the ground, whether pedestrians or birds and beasts, all died, turned into mummified corpses, and fell to the ground, as if their whole body was robbed of its essence.

“Not good… The blood Gu god came… This must be the result of the information sent back by the master’s life Gu, attracting the anger of the sect! “

Ma Dongdan’s face was full of despair.

This blood Gu God wouldn’t care if he is a disciple of the Hundred Gu Sect, he will directly turn the setting into a sea of ​​blood, anyone will be turned into a mummified corpse!

The escape speed is not comparable to that of a Dharma Zhenjun’s

Before Gu Daoxian finished getting the storage bag of Lu Huang, a sea of ​​blood came from the Hundred Gu Sect, blocking the nine heavens and ten places.

In a thick blood light, a big hand stuck out, and there are many skeletons on it, trying to grab Gu Daoxian.

In the face of such a grab that is comparable to that of a Dharma Zhenjun’s, even if Gu Daoxian is at the pinnacle of supernatural powers realm, a true disciple, someone who can kill one golden elixir who is in a higher realm, he will be pinched into powder!

At a critical moment, a mouthful of Three Yang Yiqi and one rainbow, as well as Buddha’s light and fire dragon, attacked this big hand.

The big hand shook, and it immediately turned into a sky of poisonous blood and spread out.

“You bastard, the old man will one day be pissed off by you!”

Old Daoist Zhuyun pulled Gu Daoxian back, blowing his beard and staring at him in anger.

The monk Sanxiao next to him didn’t even look at Gu Daoxian, but just stared at the sea of ​​blood with Fang Xian.

“The power of the Dharma is difficult for me to match, what should I do”

Although several people joined forces to block the attack of the Blood Gu God, Monk Jin Hai didn’t think they could match Fang Xian, so he asked with a sullen face.

“Why don’t I fly to the Hundred Gu Sect’s gate with my flying sword.

Their sect gate is empty, and I don’t need to care who it is, I just need to kill them all…”

Fang Xian asked indifferently, holding the Fire Dragon Sword.

“No, if this blood Gu god goes mad, loses his restraints, and slaughters indiscriminately, it will affect my karma!” Monk Sanxiao quickly refused.

“But we’ve already killed a golden elixir cultivator of the other sect, how can it be settled otherwise” Fang Xian frowned.

In fact, he is the most indifferent.

After all, it is just an incarnation, and if it is damaged, then it can just be damaged.

Moreover, the three immortals and two heroes of Shushan are all here, and their luck is unparalleled, and it is impossible to harm them here.

As a last resort, the Dharma Zhenjun of the Shushan Sword Sect will definitely come to their rescue.

“The most urgent task is how to support until help arrives.”

“This old monk has a treasure in the cave called ‘Five Pigment Cloud House’, you can come in and take refuge!” Monk Sanxiao suddenly said.

“That is good!”

Monk Jinhai is overjoyed, this magic weapon is well-known, it is a cave inside, and it is protected by a five-color cloud array.

Although in this world, flying swords are more valuable magic weapons, there are also several pieces, which are not inferior to the reputation of any flying swords.

This ‘Five Pigment Cloud House’, together with the ‘Nine Imperial Immortal Cauldron’, together with the Shushan Sword Sect’s Three Founding Flying Sword Treasures, they are called the ‘The Five Treasures of Shushan, and it is destined to be mastered by the two heroes.

For this trip, it was carried by the monk Sanxiao, just in case.

When the road to life was revealed, everyone was overjoyed, but only Fang Xian suddenly said: ‘It’s not good… If I go in, when I come out, I’m afraid I will already be in Shushan.

Although the incarnation outside the body is thrown out to attract firepower, even if he can hide from the Dharma Zhenjun, he is not sure that he can hide from a master of the primordial spirit realm.

As for the Shushan Sword Sect, is there a Primordial Spirit Daoist This is a secret nobody knows the answer to in this world, Fang Xian doesn’t know it, and doesn’t want to gamble.

“It’s good, fellow Daoists, hold on for the time being, and I’ll go out and ask for help!”

One doesn’t really have to go in person to send a letter, he can just send a sound transmission to convey the meaning.

Fang Xian let out a long roar, made a heroic gesture of sacrifice, and slashed towards the bloody sky with a sword.

He used all his strength with this swing of the sword, the red sun vision appeared behind him, and the fire dragon sword’s sword light soared, even piercing a gap.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, his body and sword merged into one, turning into a red long rainbow, and the speed of his sword was like thunder, and he disappeared in an instant.

The Blood Gu God ignored him.

After all, the target was still Gu Daoxian.

He just cast a blood light to refine everyone into a bloody sky.

But Gu Daoxian and others all disappeared, and a fairy mansion appeared on the spot, surrounded by five-color clouds, which actually blocked the erosion of blood light.


Baimei Zhenjun’s fingers trembled: “Not good, how did this boy escape again”


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