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“Sect Master”

Several Shushan elders trembled in their hearts: “There are changes in the situation again”

“Yes, since I knew about Fang Xian condensing his Golden Elixir realm, I made another arrangement, set up a trap to let this child and the other four children experience some disasters together, and then be rescued by this sect, forging a fate!”

“Three Immortals and Two Heroes, their fates are extremely contradictory to the demons of the side door.

If they go to the ****, they will be experiencing some disasters.

I am doing it according to the situation… This time, the purpose is to let them recover the broken fates between him and the two immortals and two heroes.

Meaning to have them make up again.

But I didn’t expect… this child actually escaped”

Baimei Zhenjun smiled bitterly: “I’m afraid that soon, there will be a sound transmission to report some news, right”

If Fang Xian was trapped and he rescued him, the other party would owe Shushan a lot of karma.

At that time, they can invite the other party to Shushan, then everything that will follow will come naturally.

But Fang Xian escaped and did not need to be rescued, so there was no cause and effect to talk about.

After all, the culprit of all this was Gu Dao Xian, so if they were going to be clear about everything, it is actually Shushan who owes him for the report he will bring.

“Maybe this son is also intensively trained in innate divine calculations, how can he make every move like this… so…” A Shushan elder was almost speechless: “Maybe there are loopholes in the sky”

“Let’s put aside this matter for now… Sanxiao, Zhuyun, and the others are besieged by the Blood Gu God, what should we do” another elder asked.

“This is the fate destined for the four people, they have to undergo this in order to amount to something in the future…” Baimei Zhenjun said: “With the five-colored cloud square, they won’t be in danger, and they can even meditate quietly inside until the day of doom is over.

On the next day, I took the Refining Demon Sword to slay the Blood Gu Gods and let them out.”

“As for Fang Xian, after this battle, most of the ties to the Two Immortals and Two Heroes from their original destinies will have been broken.

With my ability, I can try again once at most.

But if it still doesn’t work, then he’ll have no more fates with our Shushan Sect!”

In the wilderness, in a cave.

A large number of tortoise shells were thrown aside, and there was even a big demon with a golden elixir.

Fang Xian spit out a mouthful of blood: “The Six Paths of Reincarnation… It’s still a spiritual formula, and it cannot be upgraded to a divine path.

This is a limitation of the heavens!”

His face paled for a while: “Even if I have an attribute column to increase my understanding, and use the tortoise and blood to predict the secrets, there is still no way…”

It seems that this world does not allow monks to achieve Great Dao with reincarnation.

“It’s just that there is a silver lining in the sky.

No matter how hopeless the situation is, there is always a silver lining.”

The corner of Fang Xian’s mouth outlined a smile: “The Six Paths of Reincarnation Art is only at the level of Spirit Art and cannot be changed, but it can be assisted by external objects to condense a high-grade Reincarnation Pill when it is formed… There are two kinds of external objects, one of them is ‘the endless fire of good fortune’, and the other one is ‘Water of the Nine Serenity Underworld Styx River’!”

“It’s no wonder that when I used divination before, I had to take the opportunity under the North Sea.

It turned out to be not for the invisible needle, but for that flame!”

‘Water of the Nine Serenity Underworld Styx River’ is the treasure of Kunlun Demon Palace.

It is rumored that this water can help Dharma Zhenjus to cleanse the yin of the dharma and enhance the way of Taoism.

Therefore, it is very rare… For the present, he must go to the Kunlun Demon Palace.” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Fang Xian pinched his fingers and said thoughtfully, “The fate owed to the master of North Sea Cave Mansion should also be in the Kunlun Demon Palace! To infiltrate the Kunlun Demon Palace, the best way is of course to pretend to be a demon cultivator, I have the magic of “Hundred Reincarnations” so there will be no big problem in covering up my presence, and I also have a suitable magic weapon on hand, that is, the five ghost banners!”

The way of magic is widely spread, and its legacy is endless.

Even Yuanshen Daojun may not be able to count all the details.

Fang Xian thought to himself, as long as he pretends to be a side branch of the Demon Sect at will, and does not meet a Dharma, Primordial Spirit, and other great powers realm, it is probably fine.

But getting ‘Water of the Nine Serenity Underworld Styx River’ must be difficult, it’s not possible to not face a cultivator of the Dharma realm and it won’t be easy to achieve.

However, this is still in the end.

‘If I have the invisible needle in my hand, and then recall the Great Sun Zhenyang Pill, he can try to face a Dharma Zhenjun…’

Thinking like this, Fang Xian changed his face, still looking like a young man, but his eyes were dark, and from time to time he released a fierce light, as if he wanted to choose someone to devour, and took out the five ghost flags, and re-trained it again, with just a shake, he released a lot of demonic energy. 

“Well, this thing can be renamed as the Five Demon Fans, and it matches my magic power… Wait, I have real demon power from the beginning, who can pretend to be more like a devil than me”

Fang Xian suddenly felt that this was no longer a question of resemblance.

Kunlun Mountains.

This mountain is located to the west of the Dagan court.

Yuxu Palace, one of the five famous sects, once erected the mountain gate here.

It was only later that an extraordinary genius emerged from the demonic path, and he just grabbed this thousand miles of Kunlun from the Yuxu Palace as the old nest and established the foundation of the Kunlun Magic Palace.

Since then, the cultivator of Yuxu Palace has become incompatible with the Kunlun Demon Palace, but he is alone, and often suffers losses.

Up to now, the Kunlun Demon Palace has continued to multiply and grow, and it has become the authentic atmosphere of the Demon Sect.

On this day, a ray of light flashed across the sky.

This escaping light is full of evil spirits, no one knows how many ghosts have been refined into it.

If you dare to control such an escape in the realm of the imperial court, you may be cut off by a passing expert.

But in Kunlun, on the contrary, it is the famous and upright sword light that will be blocked, and the escape light like this can pass by unimpeded.

Among the dark clouds, Fang Xian was a little speechless: “The speed of this ghost barrier is okay, but it’s too eye-catching…”

This magic weapon was obtained by him after destroying a tributary of the Demon Sect.

Anyway, the inheritance of the demon sects is much looser than the right way, and there are many branches.

Fang Xian just destroyed a small Taoist temple presided over by a demon, beheaded six or seven treacherous people, and easily obtained a lot of magic tools and books.

‘Actually… the inheritance obtained by my master, Daoist You Fang, may also have come from a demon disciple.

Otherwise, how could there be such a magic weapon as the Five Ghost Banners ‘

‘In this way, I really have fate with the Demon Sect, even if I calculate it, the result tells me the same…’

While thinking about it, a light flashed across the front.

The light is pink, and the fragrance is faint, like orchids and musk deer, enticing people’s hearts.

Fang Xian moved in his heart, chased after him, and shouted, “Sister Fairy, please stay!”

The escaping light really stopped, and a female cultivator appeared, wearing a thin gauze dress, giggling and said: “What a handsome little brother, who are you Why did you stop me, the Peach Blossom Fairy”

This woman is also a demon cultivator in the supernatural power realm, but when she raises her hands and feet, she seems to have infinite charm.

” My name is Yu Xuanji, I was born in Daqian, and I was lucky enough to get started with cultivation.

I heard that the Kunlun Demon Palace is the sect of all demons in the world.

I came here to recognize my ancestors and return to the clan.

This brother will be very grateful if I can ask the senior sister to show me the way.”

Fang Xian replied.

Although the inheritance of the Demon Sect is extensive, many true magical powers are still only available in the main altar of the Demon Palace and a few major veins.

So the things Fang Xian talked about previously were logical.


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