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Fist shadows are flying, nobody knows how long time has passed.

The two figures separated.

Fang Xian’s breathing became a little heavy, and the sound of running water like the Yangtze River came from his body: “Old monk, amazing!”

In the huge pit, the monk Zhifan’s robe was shattered inch by inch, revealing jade-like skin.

The stone that exploded before fell on him and was directly shaken to powder, leaving no trace.

Fang Xian was also self-made through horizontal training, and now for the first time, he has seen someone who is tougher and stronger than him!

‘This Zhifan monk’s body-protecting supernatural ability can directly resist the great master’s full-scale attack.

The Chu madman must have been entangled with him, unable to escape, and then hacked to death by the swordsman’s flying sword! ‘

“The benefactor is not bad either.”

The monk Zhifan has a seal on his right hand, like the wheel of a wish, and casts a pestle in his left hand.

The whole person is like the Dharma Protector Ming Wang who walked out of the myth!

“Looks like it’s going to take some real work.”

Fang Xian stretched his waist.

At the same time, behind him, a three-eyed white tiger with an evil pattern emerged and let out a fierce tiger roar.

The huge size, the black and red lines, and the terrifying evil eyes all brought a terrifying mental shock.

”This is… real”

”The mind interferes with reality, the great master is this strong”

”This is no longer martial arts, but a magical technique!”

The grand masters and innate masters who were watching retreated again and again.

Fang Xian didn’t care about them either.

Ever since the ‘Seven Killing Evil Art of the White Tiger’ was promoted to the fourth level, the white tiger that he condensed became even more bizarre.

As soon as it appeared, even against Monk Zhifan, Monk Zhifan could not help but lose his mind a little.

”Tiger-shaped search claws!”

Fang Xian stepped out, his right hand seemed to tear apart the world and merged with the claws of the white tiger.


With one claw, Monk Zhifan flew back and looked at his chest.

There, the golden light shattered, leaving several slight bloodstains.

”not good!”

When the swordsman saw this scene, his expression changed slightly.

Obviously, Monk Zhifan was at a disadvantage against the White Tiger Star Lord!

”Try to put up against my fist again!”

In the laughter, the white tiger behind Fang Xian merged into his body and suddenly threw seven punches.

The seven fist styles converged in midair and turned into a punch.

White Tiger Seven Killing Fist!

The monk Zhifan put his hands together and slowly pushed out, as if he was pushing an extremely heavy object.

The fists and palms met, and there was no excess energy overflowing, but Monk Zhifan took a step back.


A deep footprint appeared on the ground.

He retreated again and again, until it took seven steps to completely dissolve the seven energy contained in the punch.

He suddenly turned pale and spat out a mouthful of blood.

”Monk Zhifan, you are not my opponent.”

Fang Xian’s face was calm and unwavering: “Are you going to die by my hands today, or are we going together”

”Brother Buddha!”

The swordsman shouted: “This person is a devil, and today is not a fair duel!”

”Come on!”

Monk Zhifan finally said solemnly: “Setting up ‘Vajra Demon Arhat Formation’!”

”Respecting your decree!”

The one hundred and eight innate Arhat staff wielding monks who had been waiting for a long time, plus the first of the six great bodhisattvas, flew out immediately, surrounded Fang Xian in groups, and set up a great formation.

This formation is extremely strict, and it seems to connect these monks’ breathing, skill, and even spirit, so that no water leaks.


Fang Xian sighed in admiration, and the white tiger dharma reappeared.

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This time, not only mental interference, but a thin layer of blood-colored mist spread out at the same time.

”Subduing demons!”

Many Arhats roared in unison, staffs out in unison, like a giant with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes.

The great formation circulated and surrounded the White Tiger.

”One great master, six great masters, one hundred and eight innate, forming a great formation…”

Outside the venue, Jade Dragon Beauty looked pale: “Fang Xian, you idiot, why aren’t you running”

”It’s a pity… White Tiger Star Lord is also considered a generation of hero, and he will eventually fall here today.” A look of hatred flashed on the face of the Ice Soul Fairy next to him.

”The fairy may be wrong…”

The new Sect Master of the Red Ape Sect next to her said faintly: “Xue Guhong from before lasted for nine days and nine nights, the White Tiger Star may last for six or seven days, right After all, he can’t die today…”

After all, at that time, there was no Monk Zhifan who presided over the formation in the residence!

For a grandmaster, no, even for a great master, not eating or drinking for a few days is nothing.

This epic battle made them reluctant to leave even by half a step.

Three days later.

The moon is in the sky.


After all, the swordsman is a great master, and the first feeling is wrong: “Why…the Xiantian staff wielding monk appears lacking at this time”

This is impossible.

The congenital masters have long qi pulses, and they were even able to encase Xue Guhong for nine days and nine nights!

Of course, this part is because of the formation.

In the formation, not everyone has to fight against the enemy, so you can step back and rest.

But in any case, it won’t happen in three days!

”Is the fog thicker”

A grandmaster looked at the still-living white tiger dharma in the formation and suddenly became suspicious.

He was right, it was the blood mist near the White Tiger Statue.

It is normal to have fog in the mountains, but this kind of blood fog is very abnormal.

And, it’s getting more intense.


Jade Dragon Beauty looked at the formation and was equally astonished.


Suddenly, the formation was stagnant.

It can be seen with the naked eye that a white tiger with three evil patterns is roaring at the moon.

White Tiger Roars at the Moon!

The sound waves rolled, and at the same time, only to see the innate staff wielding monks who arranged the formation with their cheeks seeming to lose weight at a speed visible to the naked eye. 

”Master… Disciple, Disciple…”

A staff wielding monk staggered, finally unable to hold on, and fell down.

As soon as he fell to the ground, he turned into a mummified corpse, as if the flesh and blood had disappeared.

With this moonlight, white tiger, blood fog… Every monk in the formation has a chill of horror in his heart.

”The devil! The devil!”

Monk Zhifan stared at Fang Xian and roared.

In his opinion, Fang Xian at this time is definitely a great demon that is a hundred times more terrifying than Xue Guhong.

”Whatever you say, I don’t care anymore.”

Fang Xian let out a loud howl, and his infuriating energy didn’t seem to be lost at all.

Meanwhile, bang bang!

Three more congenital staff wielding monks fell to the ground and died, and they were turned into mummified corpses.

There was now a weak point in the Vajra Arhat’s Demon-fighting formation, Fang Xian saw it, but he ignored it and remained in the formation.


Suddenly, a sword sound was heard.

A cyan sword light, flying from nowhere, is about to kill Fang Xian’s body!


The great master finally couldn’t bear it any longer, and shot in anger!

”Haha, it’s you I was waiting for!”

Fang Xian laughed loudly, and waves of blood came out from the white tiger.

This was the magic effect he realized after the Seven Killing White Tiger Evil Art was promoted to the fourth level.

To put it simply, it is a force field that affects the surrounding, enough to contain the speed of the flying sword.

”Is it really the flying sword”

Jade Dragon Beauty looked at this scene and opened her mouth: “Today’s battle will definitely be sung around the martial arts world… It’s a showdown between fairy and demons! But the major sects are really shameless!


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