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Chapter 6 - True Seed

“Junior Sister!”

The group of Qingyu sect disciples guarded that junior female apprentice, the senior male apprentice stared at Fangxian and asked: “Who are you, why are you messing with us”

“The underworld is treacherous, should I leave a name for you to exact your revenge upon”

Fangxian shook his head and laughed, leaving the group of disciples hopping mad yet speechless.

"Good! Good! Good! The Qingshan mountain will not shift, the green water will endlessly flow, we will meet again!"

That senior male apprentice knew that his martial arts cultivation was inferior to Fangxian, and there was the Liu household right next to him.

Realizing that they were unable to get the upper hand today, he only tightened his fists and supported his junior sister with another senior brother, leaving at a blinding speed.

The tea shed was once again suddenly silent.

“Thank you for your help!”

At this time, the masked woman stood up and said, "The Liu household will always return favors."

"I just don't wish to hurt the innocent..."

Fangxian shook his head, knowing that he just confusingly bred enmity with the Qingyu sect, and couldn’t help but remained speechless.

Sure enough, you can’t stubbornly stand up for someone, but how can you vent your pent-up anger and unjust

He stared at that woman and said: “But if Miss wants to repay the favor, then I would like to seek your clarification for some of my doubts.”

Since he was already involved, he might as well get something in return.

"If it can be said, Liuyun will say everything she knows! Huan'er, also redecorate the place and then compensate the store owner."

The masked woman was startled and immediately replied in a serious manner.

After a while, Fangxian sat opposite Liu Yun, but did not touch the refreshments on the table, and asked directly: “I have traveled this far, and I am not familiar with the underworld of Yaofeng provincial city.

I hope miss, you can introduce me to a thing or two.

Also, what kind of power does the Qingyu sect possess, and where is the location of their mountain sect, and do they have any powerful roles”

When Liuyun finished listening, her heart shuddered, but she still smiled and said, "Qingyu sect is a second-rate sect residing in 'Heishan Province’.

Their power can only be regarded as average.

The sect master 'Han Yunfeng' does not have a powerful role, so don’t worry about it brother.

As for Yaofeng Provincial City, the powerful forces are the Wuxing sect, Fengyun Gang, Changhe faction, Zhang Household, Leng Household, also several powerful martial artists, such as Tian Luo Xingand, Baoqian.

Fangxian’s eyes quivered: “In this era, who is the most prestigious warrior of today”

Liuyun was intrigued and felt that this person was so strange.

He didn't seem to know anything about martial arts but still said, "If you are talking about the rising rookies, it would be the eight great heroes and sixteen new stars.

They are all masters of cultivating True Chi! The Grandmasters of the older generation are none other than the fifteen prestigious seniors: ‘one monk, one priest, one madman, twin dragons, four kings and six sect masters'..."

“Cultivate True Chi Master”

Fang Xian's face twitched, and he felt that some of the rumors and speculations he had heard before seemed to be a little fallacious: "Is it difficult to find the internal strength techniques and cultivate True Chi"

Liuyun's eyes swept across Fangxian's body, and she chuckled: "Brother, you are a master of the external strength.

Maybe you don't know the secrets of internal strength, True Chi! How difficult is it to cultivate borrow from a host to develop your own True Chi The human body is just a mass of flesh and blood.

Everyone has physical strength, but True Chi is intangible… for those who want to be successful, it is difficult! Difficult! Difficult!"

'True, in the demon-free world of my first life, I haven't heard of anyone who developed internal strength, but there flows some kind of bright and dark strength… '

Fangxian blinked: “Although it was not an easy task, surely there must be people who have succeeded before, right”

"That’s right, no matter the internal strength techniques you cultivated, visualize with the mind, borrowing cultivation, or cultivate an external strength skill to the peak, it might be possible to develop True Chi with this great strength… But those are rare extremes.

Great perseverance and great opportunities are not always made available." Liu Yun shook her head.

“So what Miss Liu means is, there may be other options” Fangxian’s eyes lit up.

"Of course, if you join the various sects and become their respective true disciple, naturally there would be the elders to teach you the ‘true seed’, those with the ‘true seed’, and the True Chi typed seed...

and then incorporating with the various cultivation methods with the developed True Chi.

It may greatly increase, but this method greatly damages the vitality of the teachers, so there are very few true disciples in every sect..." Liuyun replied.

“Plant the ‘true seed’ into a master who has already developed True Qi” Is it honestly that great to let others leave their imprints on your own True Chi

Fangxian had some doubts in his heart.

This kind of instant method somehow didn’t feel right.

After all, he is not a native of this world and had a different vision.

He could find errors with the mundane that ordinary people are accustomed to: “What complications does this ‘true seed’ entail”

“Complications Naturally, there is no complication, but due to the nature of True Chi, one can only cultivate the same line of or a similar internal strength technique… And every true disciple was handpicked amongst thousands.” Liuyun said: “For example, obviously none of the Qingyu sect disciples we saw today were true disciples.”

Passing on the seed of True Chi is a good thing for those receiving it, but for the strength donor, it would mean suffering a great loss for himself.

So basically, this means they don’t accept too many disciples and every one of them is like an adopted child to them, when one of them dies, their masters would be more devastated than losing their biological sons.

“So that’s the case, thank you Miss Liu for telling me.”

Fangxian held his hands in front of him and paid his respects.

He was even more curious about this mysterious ‘True Chi’.

He wanted to get a book of internal strength techniques, but it was the ‘true seed’ of other people's True Chi, so forget about it.

At this moment, Liuyun had just said something that astonished everyone: “If you don’t mind, would you like to serve the Liu household Liuyun can secure a spot and strongly recommend brother for a title for a truel seed”

“Young lady… ”

The maidservant, Huan’er was taken aback, this title was not easily given out to the many martial artists who came to beg her for it.

Yet why was it just given unconditionally to this fellow

“Join the Liu household Haha… I’ve always been used to an idle and peaceful lifestyle.”

Fangxian shook his head and declined, seeing the expressions of regret and envy written on the guards’ faces around him, as if he had missed some unparalleled opportunity.

”That’s a real pity, with brother’s skills, your martial arts could be rampant on the day after tomorrow.

It was me who was being abrupt.” Liuyun commented solemnly.

“The day after tomorrow” Fangxian was startled.

"Practice your techniques the day after tomorrow, only then can cultivate Chi innately, and develop True Chi, so you may become an innate master! However, there are so many innate masters.

Even if you are given the ‘true seed', you may not be able to cultivate True Chi.

As for those who develop True Chi from the secret books alone, and there is no one in the world, who managed to achieve great success with external skills alone and transform into True Chi externally!" Liu Yun said regretfully.

“Thanks for the information miss, I shall begin to take my leave.”

Fangxian felt that this trip was not in vain, that at least he had a little more understanding of the underworld martial arts in this world, no longer a blind man touching an elephant, failing to see the wood for the trees.

“Could you tell me your name Also… if you are also going to the provincial city, we could go together and let Liuyun try my best to host as the local landlord” Liuyun said hurriedly.

“My name is Fangxian!”

Fang Xian used a pseudonym without any reservation: "As for the same way Haha...

If miss had mediocre looks, I might have given in, otherwise, I'd better go on the road alone."

”Why” Liuyun was dumbfounded.

“The more beautiful the woman beside me is, the more troubles there would be.

This Mr.

Fang is afraid of trouble!”

Fangxian guffawed and left, while Huan’er snorted angrily: “This person is really… tilts me!”

“This person is extraordinary, a pity that we couldn’t recruit into our tribe.”

Liuyun just sighed and whispered.


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