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It gets dark early in winter, when they came out of the cinema it was almost six o’clock but it was already dark outside.

But the night was even much livelier, everywhere was decorated with lights from inside to outside.

Large and small Christmas trees were also decorated and were brightly lit up, there was even Santa Claus walking around handling out apples to the children passing by.

“It’s Christmas Eve tonight.”

Shi Ning said, she then pointed Santa Claus who was handing apples.

“Suno, I want to go over there and take a picture with him.

You can help me take a picture.”


Lin Suno took the phone she handed to him.

Shi Ning and grandpa Santa Claus pose for a photo in front of the giant Christmas tree piled with gift boxes.

“Thank you, Merry Christmas.”

After the picture was taken, Shi Ning said to the Santa Claus.

Santa Claus nodded at her and handed her an apple, which Shi Ning received with a smile and a few more thanks you to the grandpa Santa Claus.

Shi Ning took the apple, and walked out of the mall with Lin Suno.

The wind was particularly strong at night, making Shi Ning sneeze several times after they went out.

“Are you cold”

Shi Ning sniffed as she answered.

“It’s okay, it’s just that I had a cold.”

“You still have a cold.”

This was the same exact tone of speech as her brother that made Shi Ning want to hit someone after hearing it.

“I made an appointment with you! Do you want me to stand you up!”

“Don’t do that in the future, your health is more important.”

He said this while removing the scarf from his neck.

Shi Ning smiled.

“You already have this around you, I haven’t started wearing one yet.”

Lin Suno sighed.

“I met with my mother before I went out.

She said it would be snowing today so she forces me to wear one.”

Then he wrapped this thick scarf around her neck in circle.

This scarf should be knitted by Lin Suno’s mother for him.

Since it was too big for Shi Ning, her face was so small circled down by the scarf only revealing the pair of black grape watery eyes that looks particularly lovely.

Seeing this Lin Suno felt something was missing.

It just so happened that someone next to him was selling Christmas hat, so he bought one and put it on her.

After all of this was done, he looked at Shi Ning who was almost wrapped like a dumpling by him, and with a satisfied smile he said.

“There you go.”

Seeing him smiled, something wavered inside Shi Ning.

“Suno, you really should smile more often.”

You look so good smiling.

“Should I”

He answered but Lin Suno’s attention was on her head, he reached out and smoothed her Christmas hat into what he thought looked best.

“Wow!!! Suno look!!!”

Shi Ning suddenly pointed ahead excitedly.

“Aunite didn’t lie to you eh, it’s really snowing!”

“En it’s snowing.”

Snowflakes slowly falls one after another.

On this Christmas Eve, the city received its first snowfall.

“Suno, Merry Christmas.”

Shi Ning held in with both hands the apple that Grandpa Santa had just given to her and gave it to him.

Lin Suno took it, the little girl’s eyes were full of sincerity, as those a pile of wool revealed pair of grape like eyes.

It’s too cute to resist.

And couldn’t help himself to reach out and touched her head.

“Thank you little red riding hood.”

“Merry Chirstmas and may all these years be safe.”


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