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"Im home!" Charlotte shouted so everyone home could hear her

Emily looked at Charlottes house in disbelief

"Its huge! I never thought you had a house like this"

**Dining room

"Oh? Charlotte seems to have brought someone home" Vlads masculine voice sounded

"I wonder who it is..." Lyrica said

"Oh? Hello, you

e all here?" Charlotte said surprised

"Well your father wasn at work, so we just sat down here" Lyrica smiled "Anyways, how was your first meal?"

"Ah, I thought I would surprise you but I guess like your sence of smell is way too good" Charlotte said dissapointed "Well, the meal, although Im sure it could be way better was still quite good" She smiled "It was two "dogs" trying to bully my friend here" Charlotte pointed her finger towards the spot where Emily was trying to hide

Emily walked out of her hiding spot embarassed

"And after that incident we decided shed visit here" Charlotte smiled softly "I wish her to live with us and be my servant, father"

"Hmm... So my little girl is finally growing up huh... How sad" Vlad chuckled sarcastically "Okay. If you want her to, why not... But we wouldn want such a beautiful girl to die, would you mind if your mother supervised the procedure?" The mans voice turned serious

"Shouldn you ask me first dear? How mean!" Lyrica teased Vlad

"Theres no need to ask you. You would do anything for our little lovelly daughter anyway right?" Vlad teased back

"Mom, dad, Im being serious now. You can continue with your lovey dovey stuff later" Charlotte rolled her eyes

"Okay dear, lets go" Lyrica smiled lovingly

**Lounge room

Charlotte sat down on her knees and gestured Emily to come closer

The shy girl blushed as she came closer to Charlotte. Emily then sat down and got ready for the event.

"Come closer" Charlotte giggled "You won back out now will you?"

Emily squirmed closer, hearing Charlotte breathing and the warm breath hitting her face made her face red.

Charlottes blue eye turned red again, her fangs grew out. Charlotte inched her face closer to Emilys neck and then bit it

Lyrica looked lovingly at the pair and smiled

Charlotte gulped a sip of Emilys blood

A second later Charlotte injected as much poison as she could into Emily

Another second passed and Emily started feeling as if her whole body was burning

She clenched her teeth as her whole body started changing. Trying not to scream of pain Emily then fell back and held the pain back

She knew this was normal. She knew this pain was a thing that was suppost to happen. She trusted Charlotte with her whole heart after all.

"My my... You used so much poison, now look at all this pain shes having to endure" Lyrica looked at Emily with a concerned face

"Don worry, shes a strong girl, sheil endure it" Charlotte was trying to hold back her tears as much as Emily was trying to endure the pain

After an agonising hour of pain Emily sat on her knees, her eyes red and two dark gray bat wings sprouting out her back. Even though the transformation had finished Emily still looked like she was in a lot of pain as the thirst for blood was causing just as much pain as the transformation itself. Now that her body has changed she could numb her pain sensors a bit and sit down.

Charlotte then hugged Emily and said "Bite"

Emily then hesitantly bit into Charlottes neck and gulped a large amount of blood down

Charlotte of course, being the strong vampire she is could effortlessly stay calm and not faint as her blood regeneration was fast enough to keep up with the blood loss.

"Looks like I didn even need to be worried" Lyrica smiled at the two young vampires in front of her "Welcome to the family Emily Bloodwing Arphath Dracula"

"You are now officially my servant Emily" Charlotte smiled

Some sobs could be heard.

"Emily are you ok?" Charlotte suddenly got concerned for her friend

"Of course Im ok! Im so happy. I just can stop crying" Full blown rivers started gushing out of Emilys eyes

"Im glad you endured all of this... And Im sorry for causing you all this pain" Charlotte smiled bitterly

"I said its fine already! Don apologise" Emily had snot comming out of her nose "We can have the princess looking like some sort of pushover now"

"Yes... Emilys right you know... You shouldn apologise to your servants" Lyrica added

"But you

e my friend, not my servant!" Charlotte exclaimed

"Stop saying such sweet things! If you do Iil never be able to stop crying" Emily cried without any restrictions

"Don say that when you

e nowhere near to stopping anyways" Charlotte cried too

"But you

e not stopping either!" Emily continued crying

**Dining room

Lyrica managed to sneaked out of the Lounge room and walk into the dining room without the girls noticing and spoke

"The transformation went perfectly"

"Oh? They sure are taking their time though" Vlad chuckled

"I was the same when I first did it too" Lyrica defended her daughter "But still... The transformation was perfect and the girl immediatelly became a vampire"

"Hmm... Thats unexpected. Even my first attempt was a lesser vampire. And considering the fact that the king is suppost to be the strongest. We

e getting thrown out of the throne soon" Vlad laughed sarcastically

"Now now... Charlotte wouldn do that" Lyrica said "Unless we decide to resign by ourselves, and have her crowned"

"I guess its true... Charlotte isn the type of person to try and get into the position forcefuly. Sheil be a wonderful queen"

"We don want our little girl getting rushed into position yet" Lyrica kissed Vlads lips "Or will you be the evil antagonist of her story?"

"Of course we don . She has multiple centuries until she comes of age anyways"

"Now lets stop with this topic" Lyrica stood up and bent down seductivelly "You won make me wait, will you?"

"What a beautiful seductress you are..." Vlad stood up and escorted Lyrica into the bedroom

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