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Sharjah was as agile and beautiful as the forest elves in Western fairytales with purple hair.

She still looked the same as before, with a unique personality.

She only showed eagerness and passion in the things that piqued her interest.

Otherwise, her eyes were like the still surface of a lake without any ripples.

It was difficult to see her eager and enthusiastic because there werent many things in this world that interested her.

“You are now an Archangel and rule the Holy City, yet you havent changed even a little,” Mo Fan said to Sharjah, who was walking on the street holding his hand.

Sharjah did not care about anyones stare, nor did she care about her identity as an Archangel.

“When I needed help, it was not the Holy City but you who came to my aid.

When you need my help, I will stand by your side without hesitation.”

“Seems like you already know what happened”

“Yeah, its something that is worth studying, but I didnt expect that it involved you.

When I recall the days I fought with you in the Dark Plane in Dubai, I cant help but miss those times.

I used to think that with your violent temper and my strength, we would join forces and fight against something unknown one day.

I didnt expect that day to come so quickly.” Sharjah smiled.

“Its probably because the world is a little darker than we thought,” said Mo Fan.

“The world is like grass.

The more we yearn for the light, the deeper our roots become.

In fact, we can only ensure that the eroded roots wont break out of the ground,” Sharjah said as she walked.

She stared at Yan Lan next to her with purple crystal eyes.

Yan Lan did not say anything and just listened quietly.

She was still stunned.

When Mo Fan had said he knew someone in the Holy City, she had assumed it might be a resident.

She never thought it would be an Archangel.

Not everyone could meet Archangels, let alone receive a warm welcome from them.

Yan Lan gradually began to believe in Mo Fan.

Perhaps they still had hope.

Sharjah did not go to the temple and dispersed everyone around her.

She untied the symbolic angels robe and walked around the Holy City with Mo Fan and Yan Lan like ordinary people.

There were many interesting magic shops in the Holy City.

The staff in the shops were all magic artisans and apprentices.

They always made wonderful accessories and sold them at high prices.

No matter what price they set, tourists from all over the world came to buy it.

As they walked in front of those gorgeous display windows, Mo Fan saw a shop selling dragon eggs.

Dragon eggs were kept in isolated containers decorated with gold nests.

It looked like it could hatch a dragon any minute.

“Lets go in and have a look.” Sharjah led Mo Fan inside.

“Is this the legendary gambling egg” Mo Fan looked at the prices of the dragon eggs.

The eggshells were all different in size, shape, and pattern.

Some were cyan, while some were golden blue.

Some eggs were huge, but some were only the size of a quail egg.

The whole shop was large, and endless customers entered and left.

They were all holding monocles near their faces and carefully observing the material and texture of the eggs.

It was to identify the breed of the quiet little dragon inside.

“Yes.” Sharjah nodded.

She walked to a blue-white little dragon egg that no one cared about.

She paid the staff and handed it to Yan Lan.

“Since this is our first meeting, heres a gift for you.”

Yan Lan was puzzled.

When she took the blue-white dragon egg with both hands, she immediately felt the little dragon move inside.

“Thank you.”

“These dragon eggs from different places, nests, and domestication bases may hatch a low-level Fire-Headed Lizard or a fearless and powerful Red Dragon.

Just like gambling stones in Yunnan They might be huge, precious stones or just priceless jade.

You never know.”

Mo Fan had also heard about the gambling dragon eggs.

The family of Duke Ayleen in Britain created the craze of European dragons, making it the dream of every European to own a real dragon.

In Europe, dragons liked to sleep and reproduced when they had nothing to do.

Their eggs were the result of interbreeding.

After all, purebred dragons were very rare.

Therefore, dragons had countless types of descendants, including Sub-Dragons, Pseudo-Dragons, and Hybrid Dragons.

The industry of dragon eggs gambling was born because of this.

Rich people spent a lot of money on dragon eggs, but they ended up with a group of savage lizards.

Some people with sharp eyes chose a Sub-Dragon and set foot on the pinnacle of life.

“Europe has become different from the past because of the British dragon-training family,” said Sharjah.

Mo Fan nodded.

He knew about it.

Europe had become powerful because of the production of giant dragons, and a group of so-called Dragon Calvary Mages had emerged.

These Mages rode and commanded dragons in fights.

People were no longer purely obsessed with esoteric magic and gradually began to use dragon power.

The age of magic in Europe was progressing, and the Dragoon Mages would soon become a new powerful group that dominated the world!

“Unfortunately, I still cant complete the fusion magic without Mr.

Feng,” Sharjah said with a gloomy expression.

The era of Dragon Mages would gradually sweep over.

At first it was fusion magic.

Sharjah was still blaming herself for it.

Despite its derivation from the dragon industry, dragon eggs gambling became a popular trade in Europe.

They could imagine the dragons influence on the world.

Mo Fan patted Sharjah on the shoulder to comfort her.

“Changes are bound to happen.

Dont be disheartened,” said Mo Fan.


Mo, the enemy you have to face this time is from the dragon-training family.

Lady Karolinas full name is Karolina Gaia.

She supports the dragon gambling industry through the Gaia family.

Her wealth and status are at the top of the world,” Sharjah said to Mo Fan.

“Lady Karolina” Mo Fan made a mental note of the name.

He wondered if this was an important figure.

Perhaps she might also be involved in Mu Ningxues exile.

Mo Fan did not expect that she would be such an influential person!

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