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Mobile Phone Battery

Original Battery
mobile phone original battery
Available for all models from Nokia, samsung, motorola, siemens, benq-siemens, sony ericsson, sony , ericsson, alcatel , panasonic, mitsubishi, philips, nec , sagem, lg, sharp, sendo, innostream, pantech, vk mobile, palm, o2, i-mate, qtek, blackberry, haier, bird, eten, hp, xcute, compal, gtran, zte, nextel , kyocera, palm treo, airam, tsm, skyzen, ni-mh, li-on, li-polymer.
More details Mobile phone original battery

Compatible Battery
mobile phone compatible battery
Mobile phone compatible battery, ni-mh, li-on, li-polymer, high capacity, high mah, long talk time, we can manufacture compatible batterie's with cutomized logo and design. packed in blister or poly bag. different quality cell's AA, A and regular quality. More details Mobile phone compatible battery

Hign Capacity Battery
mobile phone high capacity battery
Mobile phone high capacity batteries available for all popular models, capcity like 1000-1200-1500-1750-2000 mah, li-on and lithium polymer, long battery back upand talk time.

More details Mobile phone high capacity battery

Flash Battery
mobile phone flash battery
Available for all popular models and brands with different flashing designs and light, led's like red,white, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink. we can manufacture mobile phone flash batteries with customer logo and design

More details Mobile phone flash battery

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