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Mobile Phone Unlocking tools



The FIRST and most cost effective flasher on market which supports
APE (7710, 9500, 9300, 6620) and BB5 phones (6630, 6680, 6681)
Works on Win2000,XP(XP preferred);
Future free updates and support;
Realtime online updates;
Fast USB flashing capability;
Fastest Flasher device on the market;
No extra power needed, it uses USB power.

Power flasher

PowerFlasher is a professional device that flash-upgrade & removes SP/SIM/phone/user lock.working with a wide range of mobile phone models.

1.PowerFlasher-Master Box is orignal SarasSoftware with full support.All the technology and function already be argued.It is maybe the topmost software for Nokia, Samsung,SonyEricsson mobile phone.

2.PowerFlasher-Slaver Box is designed for the other models include Panasonic Philips LG Siemens Sewon Moto_Acer Sharp Toshiba and Sagem .all this software already be tested by us.this box contain two channels,one is di-rect comport endpoint.other is USB->comport endpoint(High Speed).


About Twister Software Suite:
Use Win 98SE,ME,2000,XP
Future free updates and support
USB data transfer, not USB-Serial emulation.
(Ensures best compatibility with all PCs and Windows versions.
Faster Flashing, more RELIABLE performance
Multi-Box compatible: Run 5 Twisters at once
No power needed, uses USB power!

Package Contains :
1 Twister flasher
1 CFA-6 (pcmcia flashing adapter)
1 USB to PC cable
1 7650 opening tool
Now with 32 cables !

3650,3510, 3310,DKU2,6100,3300,6650,6600,Ngage,1100,SonyEricsson,
MotT190/c200/c300,P2K x2,Samsung cables x2,Siemens C35,Siemens C55,
and more!

Twister Hardware:
Aluminum Casing, shock resistant and well grounded
All cables high quality factory made
Standard USB link cable from PC to box
USB output port on box for other USB devices


UFS-3 Mobile Phone Service Software Suite
The Multi-Platform professional USB-driven Software Suite.All in one
solution for unlocking,flashing and repairing Nokia, SonyEricsson,Samsung,Motorola(Acer)Mobile Phones.

This UFS3 Flashing/Unlocking Box allows user to upgrade software and
change language pack on all current DCT3/4/DCTL/WD2 generation Nokia,
SonyEriccson, Samsung and Motorola T19x mobile phones, like Nokia
3210,3300,3310/3390,3510,3650,5100,6100,6310, 6800,7210,7650,8210/8850,8310/8390,8910,9210 and Ericsson T68, P800, P900,
T610, R520,T300, Samsung E710, A100, A300, Motorola T19x,c300 etc,user may
also remove SIM Lock or SP Lock flash software pack on all above mentioned

DCT4 Direct

This is the first standalone software that can change IMEI number of a Nokia DCT4 phones to any digit and change ESN on DCT4 Phones without UEM Change.

This software allows you to:

Change IMEI on DCT4 phones without opening the phone (UEM Change)
Change ESN on DCT4 phones without opening the phone (UEM Change)

About DCT4 Direct Software:
Works on Window XP

Future updates and support

True USB data transfer between PC and Phone

Best Quality phone Cables and Software

Vygis tool

NEW, ONLY with VygisToolbox AND HOT:
Service software for Toshiba phones: 802T, 902T, 903T, 904T, TS10, TS21i .
Everything you need: unlock, read/write flash, repair for TS10, TS21i
Unlock function for the other supportd models.
Software goes as gift for Alcatel software users and use same reg file as BF-BG-BH software.
The main words that describes this box are: Fast, Powerfull, Flexible
- Using USB cables (supplyed in original package) it can flash at fast 921Kb/s

- The software is running verry smooth and stable.
- Updates are constantly provided by the author.
- It can be fully activated to support LG, Alcatel&new Mitubishi and more...

- VygisToolbox works with LG original flashfiles and this means:
Large number of this Flashfiles files are avaiable for our customer
It will be fast and easy to provide new flashfiles also in future directly from the source
- Also reading flash from one phone and writing to another is supported
- It is possible to use also the original cables supplyed with the phones -- so for new models once you have new update you don't need to wait for new cable and can be the first one there who can flash/unlock new phone models.
- All LG+Alcatel&new Mitsubishi cables are included in the original package, so later the Alcatel&new Mitsubishi software can be easyly activated without delivery costs for you.
Constant Gifts for the customer
- Together with a constant Update and seriosity policy, new Gifts like Sharp software, Microsnapper Software or O2X1 Software increase the Value of this Great product.

Supported Models / Features

SHARP, LG (2G and NEW 3G), Alcatel, new Mitsubishi, Toshiba 803T - 902T - 903T - 904T, TS10, TS21i, BENQ S660, BENQ S670, O2X2, O2X1, Maxon MX-7970, MicroSnapper, Sanyo750

Flashing/Unlock/Imei change times and more...
LG software module
LG Workshop - Service software for LG phones.
Everything you need: unlock, read/write flash, repair, IMEI change....
- MG105
- M6100
- C1500
- MG200
- M6100
- MG105
- A7110
- A7150
- B2070
- B2150
- B2250
- C1150
- C1300i
- LG1300i
- C3380
- L1400
- F9100
- M4410
- MG191
- P7200
- S5000
- S5200
- F2200
- G7200
- L1200.
- LG L342i
- LG L341
- LG-F2400
- LG-B2100
- LG-C2100
- LG-C3320
- LG-F2100
- LG-F2300
- LG-F7250
- LG-C3300
- LG-C3310
- LG-C3400
- LG-B2000
- LG-B2050
- LG-L5100
- LG-L3100
- LG-C2200
- LG-U8110
- LG-U8120
- LG-U8130 also R version
- LG-U8138
- LG-L1100
- LG-B1200
- LG-B1300
- LG-C1100
- LG-C1200
- LG-C1400
- LG-G510
- LG-G1500
- LG-G1600
- LG-W3000
- LG-GW3100
- LG-C3100
- LG-G4010
- LG-G4050
- LG-GW5200
- LG-GW5220
- LG-GW5300-5310
- LG-GW5400
- LG-G5500
- LG-G7000
- LG-G7020
- LG-G7030
- LG-G7050
- LG-G7070
- LG-G7100-7120
- Alcatel OT320

- autosearch algorythm - new version unlocking without software update
- fast full flash of firmware, eeprom and calibration data
- fast unlock in 1 - 5 seconds. For OT320 unlock time about 15 seconds.
- EEPROM repairing for Alcatel OT320,LG-B1200 and LG-B1300
- recovering lost ringtones,melodies, logos and resetting phone code
- change IMEI for LG-B1200 and LG-B1300
- phones software repairing for other supported LG phones
- fast IMEI changing for other supported LG phones
- phone resetting
- possibility to work with original LG flash files
- software has implemented original LG flash files convertor to bin files.
- possibility to work with original LG phones cables, which are included to the phone pack
- possibility to repair "Sevice not available" after uploading russian language flash to G7100,C1100 or C1400
- unlocking LG-U81x0 phones
Alcatel software module

Alcatel BE4-BE5 - Software for flashing/unlocking/ repairing

- Unlock all Alcatel BE4 and BE5 versions.
- Make manual or autobackup for unlocking(SP and TECH.ZONE are saved).
- Read/Write first 64 kb, 2 Mb or 4 mb of flash.
- Read/Write anyone 64 Kb segment of flash ("CUSTOM MODE").
- Read/Write language packs.
- Change languages: complex to latin,or from latin to complex by cloning.
- Repair BE4 and BE5 after bad unlocking: (BE4 can be repaired even if tech zone is lost,for BE5 must be good).
- Repair "SOS call only","Charging impossible" and other software faults by cloning.
- Change IMEI: (All BE4,BE5 versions are supported).
- Change IMEI fast: (BE4: 136C,137K,138K,139K and BE5: 123,124(CF598320) versions are supported).
- Make manual or autobackup for fast IMEI changing.
- Ugrade/Downgrade firmwares (All BE4 and BE5 versions supported, flashes,readed from any phone can be used as clone flashes).
- Change flash loader type

Alcatel BFx-BG3-BH4 - Software for flashing/unlocking/repairing

- Make manual or autobackup for unlocking(SP and are saved).
- Read/Write full flash: BF3-2 Mb; BF4,BG3-4 Mb; BF5-6 Mb; BH4(OT535)-8 Mb; BH4(OT735)-10 Mb.
- Read/Write full flashes with different structures: INTEL/AMD(OT735) at once
- Read/Write anyone 64 Kb segment of flash ("CUSTOM MODE").
- Read/Write
- Read/Write language packs(All phone types supported).
- Read IMEI (All phone types supported).
- Change languages: complex to latin,or from latin to complex by cloning.
- Repair phones after bad unlocking( must be good) by cloning (All phone types supported).
- Repair "SOS call only","Charging impossible" and other software failures by cloning(All phone types supported).
- Change IMEI by cloning (BF3-BF4 phones are supported).
- Change IMEI fast (BG3,BF5,BH4 phone types are supported).
- Make manual or autobackup for fast IMEI changing.
- Ugrade/Downgrade firmwares (All phone types supported).
- Change display type settings (All phone types supported).
- Correct CRC-repair "Charging impossible" fast (All phone types supported).
- Support for all known flash types (including new Thomson and Micron).

Alcatel OT320, LG1200/1300 - Software for flashing/unlocking/repairing

- Unlock :
- Make manual or autobackup for unlocking(SP and are saved).
- Read/Write full flash.
- Read/Write phone's firmware and eeprom.
- Read/Write anyone 64 Kb segment of flash ("CUSTOM MODE").
- Change language by changing firmware.
- Unlock not supported yet versions by writing unlocked firmware.
- Repair EEP - restore lost melodies,logos,animations(locks zone in EEP must be not corrupted for this)
- Change IMEI on LG phones
- Support for Thomson and Intel flash types
- Fast flashing on high speeds (up to 400Kb/s, throught USB2COM cable or SHSMOD drivers must be installed and PC I/O chipset must be supported by them for this)
Alcatel OT531 and new Mitsubishi - Software for flashing/unlocking Alcatel 531 and new Mitsibishi phones like M320, M330, M21i, M222i, MT-040-140-240-340, MT-060-160-260, MT-360, MT-450, MT-544-545, MT-660, OT531-MT560 etc. which are on the same platform

- Unlock all Alcatel OT531 and new Mitsubishi (M320, M330, M21i, M222i etc) versions by writing patched(unlocked) part of internal flashes(EASY LOCK METHODE). This takes some seconds!!!
- Change languages by writing internal flashes (flashes have corrected Russian fonts):
- Write locked flash(for security against unlocked flash reading from phone).
- Flash phone fast at 230400 or 460800 baudrates(throught USB2COM cable or SHSMOD drivers must be installed and PC I/O chipset must be supported by them for this).
- Support for all known flash types(including new Thomson 8 Mb flash).

Alcatel TH3 - TH4 flasher-unlocker
Flashing - Unlocking supported
Alcatel OT835 flasher

Software works with reg file from Alcatel BF-BG-BH software.
At this moment it is only flasher
More and more Gifts: NEC343,NEC121, NEC122, SanYo S801, S750i and NewGen C800
New software - - NEC N343i, NEC121, NEC122 flasher-unlocker
Software goes as free update for LG softwares users and works with LG
reg file.

Supported phones - NEC .Software's features :
- fast flash reading-writing at 921 kb
- fast unlock
- phone code reading
- phone repairing by writing full flash

- This is a FULL SERVICE SOFTWARE that can UNLOCK - FLASH - and Repair complete this Phone, and not some tiny code calculator.
Just enjoy --> It is FREE GIFT

- SanYo S801 Unlocker
Software goes as free addon to LG software users and works with LG reg file.
It is beta version,so all comments about bugs are welcome.

Software's features:
- fast direct unlock
- phone code reading

- Sanyo S750i unlocker
Software goes as free addon for LG software users and works with LG reg
file.Softwares features :
- supported phone - Sanyo S750i
- fast unlocking (5-7 seconds)
- phone code reading

NEWGEN C800 flasher - unlocker
This software goes as free addon for LG software users and works with LG reg file.
Software features :
- supported model - NEWGEN C800
- fast flash reading-writing at 460 kb
- fast unlock code reading
- phone repairing (instructions for repairing are in "Full flashes" folder" at support sites

SHARP software - GIFT for all VygisToolbox customer

This is beta version with support for GX10,GX20,GX30,TM100,TM150 and TM200.
Supported options are full flash,firmware and eeprom area reading-writing,
unlock,IMEI changing, phone repairing and default phone settings(reseting user code and other user settings).
Software works with standart Sharp cables and
goes as free addon for LG software(use LG reg file with it).
This means it is INCLUDED in the Standard Pack allready !!!!

Microsnapper Software

Also Gift: It works with same reg files like the LG software.

O2X1/Maxon MX-7970 flasher-unlocker

One more gift: It works with same reg files like the LG software.

BENQ S660, BENQ S670, O2X2 Flasher - Unlocker

Phones supported :
- Benq S660
- Benq S670
- O2X2

Features :
- fast unlock (3-8 seconds)
- full flash,firmware and eeprom reading/writing
- eeprom and phone repairing

This software comes AS FREE GIFT , working with same reg file like the LG software !!!

Flexible: 2 Options when buying:

1: Standard pack:
INCLUDE LG +Alcatel BE4-BE5, OT320 +
- NEC343
- BenQ660 / 670 + O2X2
- O2X1/Maxon MX-7970
- Microsnapper
- SanYo S750i
- NewGen C800

2: FULL Activated pack:
INCLUDE Standard PACK activations + Alcatel all software
- Toshiba 802T, 902T, 903T, 904T TS10, TS21i software


This are also softwares made by mr. Vygis, NOT included in the 2 VygisToolbox sales packages.
More info about them on
These can be purchased separately.
You must allready have Vygis Smartcarddongle in order to purchase one of this softwares:

- Motorola Acer
- VK Mobile : CG107,VG107,VG207,VK207i,VG330,VK530,VK570
- O2X4, O2X2i, 02X1i, O2x1b, O2X3 + BENQ M300, M550G,M555,M560G,S820C, S830C + O2X7
- Lobster + Emblaze Sting6 - Dbtel J6
- VITEL TSM1, TSM2, TSM3,4,5,5m and TSM6, O2X7 - GRUNDIG M240

P-Key for JAF

P-Key is the new smart card based protection used for JAF. All newer updates will be available only for P-Key users!

Griffin II

About Griffin Software:

Platinum-Plated Aluminum Casing, shock resistant and well grounded
Built-in 12v Fan Cooling System for optimal CPU performance
PCB Fabricated and Assembled in an ISO-9002 Certified Company
Components are electronically tested before being assembled.
About Griffin Hardware:

Compatible with Win95, Win98, Win98SE, WinME, WinXP and Win2000.
Built-in 12v Fan Cooling System for optimal CPU
Direct Updates and Support from the ORIGINAL Author.
Compatible with Laptops and Desktops with atleast a Standard LPT port.
Faster flashing times and more RELIABLE performance.
Griffin Box / Software Capabilities:

Direct Unlock for all DCT3, DCTL, DCT4 and WD2 phones
Turbo Flashing for DCT3 and DCTL phones
Built-in 12v Fan Cooling System for optimal CPU
Turbo Flashing for DCT3 and DCTL phones
Built-in 12v Fan Cooling System for optimal CPU
Fast Flashing on DCT4 and WD2 phones
Able to backup or restore Phone book and ring tone
Can do self test for DCT4 Mobiles
Java midlets upload possible on supported phones
Can Restore FULL FACTORY defaults and SECURITY CODE
Can Repair 7650 problem "Phone Failed Contact Supplier"
Can Repair "Java / Folders / Games" on 7210, 6100, 6610 3510i etc...
Can Act as a Virtual COM port on WinXP
With "Skip Bluetooth Flashing" Option

Nokia Supported Phone

DCT3: 2100, 3110, 3210, 3310, 3315, 3330, 3350, 3410, 3610, 5110, 5130, 5190, 5210, 5510, 6080, 6090, 6110,
6130, 6138, 6190, 6210, 6250, 7110, 8210, 8250, 8810, 8850, 8855, 8890, 9110, 9110i, 9210, 9210i
DCT4: 3100, 3200, 3300, 3510, 3530 (3510i), 3650, 5100, 6108, 6610, 6100, 6310, 6310i, 6500, 6510, 6600, 6800, 6820, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7600, 7650, 8310, 8910, 8910i
TDMA: 1260, 1220, 1261, 3360, 3320, 3361, 3520, 3560
DCT-L: 9210, 9210i (communicator)
TIKU BT2: 6650

Black Box

The ultimate Nokia service tool for professionals, allow using ORIGINAL software made by Nokia for flash, repair, calibrate, tuning, unlock.
About PBB:
It contains FLS4S + PKD1 + PKD1 RD so you can use Original Nokia Phoenix (DCT4 and WD2) + Original Wintesla (DCT3) and also flashing 6630 and 9500. Extra added unlocking for DCT3 and DCT4 and now also does unlocking for NEC 3G phones.

Nec 3G One Button Unlocker for PBB:
Supported models:
e228, e313, e313V, e313B, e313E,
c313, c313V, c313B, c313E,
e616, e616V, e616B, e616E,
n313, n616, n616V
- Reset codes counter
- Unlock all blocked phones
- Fast unlocking for all versions up to v22
- Unlock versions v22 and above after flash downgrade
Note :To run this software online update to PBB firmware version 05 or higher is required.

More about PBB:
3 devices in one: FLS-4, PKD-1 (normal) or PKD-1RD (Research and Development dongle) In FLS-4 mode the licence counter is set to 1000 units and STOPPED! Also some limited FPS-8 functions enabled (flashing too). It can use FPS-8 menu for flashing when in PKD-1 mode.

More detailed information than in FLS-4 mode when flashing in FPS-8 mode. Work as PKD-1RD (more menus enabled in Wintesla/Phoenix) R&D option in Flash menu for ADSP erase and blank check. TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA flash, repair, tuning, calibrate and Bluetooth and ADSP repair and flash.

It cames with small maintenance software who can do the folowing:
- set FLS / PKD dongle serial number to ANY value, 5 digits and / or 6 digits !!!
This is for prevent locking specific serial number(s) in future Phoenix updates who will be released by Nok.
- enable / disable FLS-4 down counter stop function.
(maybe future updates of Phoenix software will no more allow stoped counter).
- set FLS-4 counter to any value between 1 and 16777215.

Usually Phoenix software is updated by Nokia to support new phone types / models BEFORE these phones reach the market. So, no more waiting on 3rd party softwares to receive updated software for new models.

Usually this takes long time, because the programmer(s) of 3rd party software need to receive the new phone model and do some research to update the software.

Can be used for many things than any other 3rd party software, like calibrate, tuning, testing, increase emission power...

For some operations aditional equipment is needed: RF generator, jig test, frequency counter.

Also, any 3rd party software just INCREASES the programming bugs, because all of this softwares is based on research made on original Nokia Phoenix tools.

Enable user to work with different Nokia phone platforms: GSM, EGSM, TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA.

All third party flashers cannot do many service adjustments nor diagnostics, not to mention that they cannot be compatible with new upcoming models of NOKIA phones. Implement virtual COM port with full MBUS / FBUS specifications, allowing it to be used with many free software already available for DCT3 / DCT4 phones...

Strong protection against cloning by using IBM BlueZ smartcard platform.

All boxes are fully tested and quality controlled using JTAG technology.


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