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Fang Xian’s white robe was red with blood, and it was similar to pieces of plum blossoms.

He walked out of the forest and strode away.

One-on-one killing one of the six chiefs, the Grand Master Martial Artist, will inevitably set off a storm in the world of martial arts.

But all this, compared with what is happening in Yuanwu City, is completely incomparable.

Fang Xian’s footsteps were fast, like a glimpse of light, and he could already see the tall city walls of Yuanwu City.

At this moment, there was a burst of cheers from the city, and it went straight to the sky.

He paused, knowing that it was too late, he turned around abruptly and strode away without looking back.

Three days later, Guangyang City.

At the gate of the city, a large group of martial artists looked at the newly posted notices, their bodies were like sculptures.

”Chu Madman violated the ban by force and was killed in Yuanwu City! How is it possible”

A young warrior looked crazy and could barely stand.

More old warriors are looking at the follow-up content of the announcement: “Announcement to the world, Yuanwu Kingdom will start martial arts studies from now on, and martial arts schools will be set up in all counties and counties… But all martial artists must pass the martial arts assessment and be graded from the ninth grade.




All unaffiliated martial artists must register, must not teach apprentices privately, and must not fight for no reason, otherwise you will be punished with the king’s law…”

’In fact, this is a major purge of the sects of the imperial court against the loose cultivators of the left and right… Is the Yuanwu country being used as a test pilot ‘

Among the crowd, Fang Xian pressed the bamboo hat and squeezed out: ‘The grades are strict, and the ones who will profit the most are the royal family and those famous sects…’

He walked into the city and found that the Golden Wind Drizzle Building in the city had been sealed, and he couldn’t help sighing again.

After thinking about it, Fang Xian walked around the neighborhood, found a teahouse with a special mark on the signboard, and walked in.

”The important guest wants to buy tea”

A young lad came up.

”Take me to see your shopkeeper.”

Fang Xian threw out a corner of broken silver.

The guy immediately smiled and brought Fang Xian to a rich middle-aged man.

”This important guest…”

The middle-aged man was about to speak when he saw Fang Xian take out a token.

The ‘Jiazi’ token of Golden Wind Drizzle Building!

His expression changed suddenly, he repelled the man and led Fang Xian to the back hall.

”As expected of the Golden Wind Drizzle Tower, the hundred-legged worm is dead and not stiff…”

The sign on the shop outside is the ‘Dark Tower’ sign of Golden Wind Drizzle Tower that Jade Dragon Beauty once told Fang Xian.

After a while, a plump woman walked in and saw Fang Xian taking off the hat, her face changed color.

”Oh It looks like you recognize me”

Fang Xian nodded: “That’s easy.”

”The landlord once sent an order to let us pay more attention to the traces of Lord White Tiger Star Lord.

The little girl Wu Yingyue, just saw the portrait of the Lord today…”

Wu Yingyue hurriedly saluted.

”White Tiger… Star Lord”

Fang Xian’s mouth twitched.

”Yes, the senior punched the five congenital gods and killed the Red Ape Sect Master.

It has been reported that he is known as the strongest master of the younger generation.

Because of his resemblance to a white tiger, he is honored as the ‘White Tiger Star Lord’…”

Wu Yingyue replied.

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’Who’s a white tiger You are a white tiger, your whole family is made of white tigers! ‘

Fang Xian’s heart was full of depression, and he took a deep breath before asking, “How is Jade Dragon Beauty’s situation Is it true for Chu Kuangren”

”It’s true…” Wu Yingyue took a deep breath: “We used five channels to confirm that the senior Chu Kuangren was besieged by Zhifan saint monks, kendoists, and a large number of masters, and he has fallen… The masters who participated in this campaign also suffered heavy casualties.

, It is reported that the two great masters and Nie Yinlong were both seriously injured, Emperor Yuanwu died of illness, and the second prince ascended the throne…”

”The world has changed a lot, and the martial arts of the rivers and lakes have been troubled since then.”

Fang Xian sighed and asked again, “How is your landlord”

Jade Dragon Beauty was pursued by the two great masters that day, which was worse than his condition that day.

”The landlord has successfully escaped, and is instructing me to wait in secret…” Wu Yingyue bowed and replied: “In addition, there is a piece of information, ordering us to give it to Lord White Tiger Star Lord!”

As she spoke, she drew a note from her pocket.

Fang Xian took it, glanced at it, and his eyes suddenly condensed: “I know… this place is not safe, you should move as soon as possible.”

The dark building mark, I don’t know how many people know it, it is a hidden danger anyway.

”There is no need to say this, we have already prepared to transfer.” Wu Yingyue replied.

”So good!”

Fang Xian walked out of the teahouse and disappeared into the crowd.

Golden Knife Gate.

This gate can be called the first force in Guangyang City.

The sect master ‘Golden Sabre’ Lu Kunwu is a veteran innate master with unfathomable swordsmanship.

Moreover, among the younger generation, there is still a talent like ‘Tian Dao Xing’ Lu Yong, but he was assassinated some time ago, adding a little haze up and down the door.

Sharpening Hall.

Anyone who is familiar with Mr.

Lu knows that no one can enter this golden knife gate except his favorite grandson.

Especially after Lu Yong’s death, Lu Kunwu became moody, and no one was willing to get in trouble at this time.

Inside the hall, various precious knives were randomly placed on wooden shelves.

Scimitar, long knife, heavy knife, straight knife, horizontal knife, willow eyebrow knife, swallow knife…

Almost all kinds of knives on the rivers and lakes can be found here.

An old man with a long beard fluttering and immortal style is sharpening a machete.

”Yong’er…don’t blame me!”

He murmured in a low voice, and his face suddenly became a little weird.

”Ha ha……”

Just then, a sneer came.


Lu Kunwu didn’t even think about it, he slashed out with a knife, and the knife qi was menacing to people.

This veteran innate master is not old and frail.

Compared to when he was young, his swordsmanship seems to be more aggressive and old, blocking all the opponent’s retreats.

But the comer didn’t dodge at all, but stretched out his hand and penetrated into the blade sheath.

Lu Kunwu felt a sharp pain in the wrist holding the knife, and the machete was directly taken away.

”Who is Your Excellency”

He was completely shocked, which not only means that the martial arts of the coming person is far superior to him, but also that he can see the flaws in his swordsmanship at a glance.

With such an enemy, there is no need for a second move to kill him, nor is he delusional to escape.

”Lu Kunwu Chu Madman’s friend”

Fang Xian looked at the good-looking old man in front of him and sneered.

”Although I admire Senior Chu Kuangren, I have no personal relationship with him… Senior, you… Huh You are so young” Only now did Lu Kunwu clearly see who was coming, and his expression changed: “You are… White Tiger Star Lord Fangxian”

For this famous master, his name has been thunderous these days.

”It’s me.

As for your relationship with Chu Kuangren, you don’t have to hide it, Chu Kuangren told me personally.” Fang Xian said lightly.

This is actually a lie, but seeing the sudden change in Lu Kunwu’s expression, Fang Xian’s guess is more certain.

”I’ve been wondering… how did it all start”

Fang Xian held a machete and glanced around: “A secret friendship that has been hidden for so long, how could it suddenly be exposed Let me guess… the only problem came from you.”


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