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On the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, White Tiger Star Lord made an appointment to fight the two branches of the Brahma Dao at Rushi Temple!

White Tiger Star Lord Fang Xian!

The name has come to the fore in recent years.

There’s no one in Jianghu that does not know that this monarch has suddenly emerged, with a very fast speed and a fierce momentum, truly unprecedented!

Although there are other talented people in the martial arts world, this person is simply an anomaly!

Originally unknown, since the Yuanwu Kingdom martial arts conference suddenly punched people of the innate realm, killed grandmasters, shocked the world, and achieved the cultivation of a grandmaster, his achievements have never before been seen.

After a few years of silence, at the battle between the masters of Baiyun Mountain, he was suddenly promoted to grandmaster and overwhelmed the heads of the six major factions.

Recently, he even put pressure on the Bodhi Temple and returned after reading all their techniques.

The ‘one monk, one priest, one madman’ circulating in Jianghu has long been changed to ‘one monk, one priest, one white tiger’!

Even after all that, he still wants to fight two great masters

You must know that the two branches of Brahma and Dao veins suppress the qi of the world’s martial arts.

They are all super sects with thousands of years of history.

They have produced masters from generation to generation, and it is not uncommon to produce great masters.

Even though Fang Xian has been promoted to Grandmaster, few people are optimistic about him.

Wasn’t the indomitable Chu madman back then killed in Yuanwu City in the end

Even so, it’s unknown how many martial arts people rushed to Rushi Temple Gate, wanting to speculate on this rare martial arts event in a century.

Even some reclusive old monsters were attracted and dispatched.

June 6th, sunny.

It is advisable to go out and travel far.

Fang Xian, dressed in a white-gold robe, walked slowly on the mountain road.

The reason why he chose such a temple is just because it is close, that’s all.

Outside the gate of Rushi Temple, a large number of people in the martial arts have already gathered.

It is a pity that they were stopped by the innate level staff wielding monks of Rushi Temple, and only a few well-known seniors and masters could go up the mountain to witness.

If the temple is the origin of the Brahma Gate, there are dragons and crouching tigers hidden in the temple, and there are 108 Arhat monks in the innate realm alone.

These 108 innate stick monks, together with the six great bodhisattva palms in the grand master realm, set up the ‘Vajra Arhat Conquering Demons Great Array’, claiming that even if the great grand master comes, it will drink his hatred!

In the past, the great master of Rushi Temple also faced the danger of discontinuing its legacy.

At that time, the first person in the magic way, the great master, Brahma Dao.

As a result, he fell into the ‘Vajra Arhat Conquering Demons Great Array’, fought for nine days and nine nights, and finally died of exhaustion.

Ordinary Jianghu masters are probably not enough to be beaten by an innate level staff wielding monk.

Facing them blocking the way, no matter how much they want to go, they can only endure it.

A swordsman was stopped outside, scratching his ears and cheeks, when he suddenly saw the staff wielding monk in front of him bowed solemnly to a young man in white, making way for him, and he couldn’t help wondering: “Who is this person Why can he go in but I can’t”

As soon as the voice fell, he immediately received the eyes of many caring fools around him.

”Young man, when you’re coming out to mingle in society, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any martial arts skills, but you need to be wiser…” An old man next to him watched Fang Xian leave, and then he took a deep breath: “That one is the righteous master of today!”

”White Tiger Star Lord!”

The swordsman screamed out unconsciously, triggering another wave.

Fang Xian’s spirit was very bright, and before he knew it, he had already reached the gate of Rushi Temple.

In this case, the temple is not so magnificent and gorgeous, with only one mountain gate, and in front of the gate are two lines of couplets, “contemplating on the empty flowers of Guan Zi Zai, life is just like a dream ‘

In front of the mountain gate, two people stood.

A monk is a monk, the monk is Zhifan, and the Taoist is the swordsman.

Behind them, there are hundreds of congenital Arhats, all breathing, pulse, and heartbeat seem to be connected together, just like one person.

Around, there are still some warriors standing, among them Jade Dragon Beauty, Guan Sheng, Linghu, and the heads of the six major sects.

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Jade Dragon Beauty had a worried look on her face, but the other grandmasters had different expressions.

”Contemplating about the empty flower of Guan Zi Zai, life is the same as a dream Sure enough, I also have a verse here – all the dharmas, such as dream bubbles, such as dew, and electricity should be viewed in this way.

What does the master think”

”The benefactor really has Buddha nature, which is thought-provoking.

Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to have your shaved and become a monk in this monastery and comprehend  Buddhadharma”

Zhifan looked like a middle-aged holy monk, a pair of eyes that have been through vicissitudes of life, with Buddha nature.

”Haha, I came here today to choose Rushi Temple, not for anything else!” Fang Xian laughed and refused.

At this time, the onlookers believed that this White Tiger Star Lord was really prepared to challenge this thousand-year-old ancient temple by himself, and they couldn’t help but lose their voices.

”The two branches of the Brahma Dao advance and retreat together, but the words of the layman Fang made this old priest unable to stand idly by.”

The swordsman sighed.

”Bah…you secretly slashed me with flying swords, would I be afraid of you”

Fang Xian suddenly burst out: “Today, you will join this old monk together, plus the Vajra Arhat’s Demon-fighting Formation, I just happen to experience it together!”

”Flying sword”

Outside, there was an uproar among the masters, not knowing what Fang Xian meant.

On the other hand, several sect leaders who were closely related to the second branch of the Brahma Dao remained silent, looking at Fang Xian with horror in their eyes.

They know the ‘fighting swordsmanship’ that the swordsman keeps as a secret.

With a sword flying immortal, it is like the means of a person among the gods.

They have secretly assassinated Fang Xian, but they were not able to take this person’s life

How unfathomable is this White Tiger Star Lord’s martial arts

”Brother Dao, wait a minute, since today’s battle is unavoidable, let the old monk take the lead in teaching Baihu Xingjun’s brilliant tricks.”

Monk Zhifan strode into the arena, and a hazy golden light appeared on his body, and there was a faint Chant of Sanskrit.

”Good one ‘Dragon Tiger Powerful King Kong Indestructible Supernatural Power’…”

Fang Xian praised it.

He understood the peak of the world’s unique skills.

This is true of himself, the ‘sword master’ of all who wields blades, and the ‘magical powers’ of monks.

With such a method, ordinary people will definitely be regarded as first-class fairy gods and demons when they see it!

He also stepped out one step at a time.

Originally, before the temple gate, the thick bluestone slabs were paved.

At this time, cracks were directly blasted.


There was a roar of a tiger in the void, and the surrounding masters felt shaken and had difficulty breathing.

This is Fang Xian’s invincible boxing intent since he practiced boxing and swept the invincible!

He inhaled, retracted his waist, put his five fingers together, raised his right hand high, and slammed it down!

This punch is very common, similar to Wuding Opening Mountain, force splitting Huashan, and other common moves in the rivers and lakes, that is, a simple punch.

But in Fang Xian’s hands, the power is astonishing, like a mountain pressing down.

If the monk does not dodge or evade, he lightly lifts his right hand and directly supports it.


Under his feet, the bluestone slab shattered directly, countless cracks spread to the distance, and the gravel flew around.

”Okay, come again!”

Fang Xian laughed loudly, the white tiger’s hole in his body exploded, and another punch slammed out.

”Three Tigers Open the Mountain”

If the monk continued to parry, the rubble flew towards the surroundings as if stimulated by a strong bow and a crossbow.

”Five tigers killed! Come again!”

If the monk smashes it out with his left hand, it is an innate unique skill – the devil’s pestle!

Cooperate with the great strength of the dragon and tiger, the end is a powerful force, and those who block it are invincible!

”Okay! The Seven Tigers Destroy the World! Come again!”


Fist shadows flew, the ground burst, and the air roared.

The strong momentum forced the masters to keep retreating, staring at the terrifying scene in the field


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