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Chapter 7 - The Test

In a mountain forest.

Fang Xian landed on all fours, like a tiger, executing various attack moves.

This is the ‘tiger pillar' technique that he was practicing.

To perfect this technique, he used to observe a tiger crouching down in the mountains while hunting its prey for three months.

"Practicing your techniques the day after tomorrow, cultivate Chi innately!"

"If you want to practice energy, you have to stand firmly!"

"With my current strength, I can channel my strength through my body, and maybe I can succeed the next day"

"As for cultivating Chi innately, made him think about visualizing thoughts and preserving energy, and to cultivate through a borrowed body"

Fang Xian feels that today's conversation has yielded a lot.

The so-called ‘visualizing thoughts and preserving energy’ is self-hypnosis.

Originally, there is no ‘Chi’ in the human body, but if you hypnotize yourself, and with the support of a strong body's blood circulation, supported by physical strength, over time, you may be able to develop 'true Chi'.

So far, he has become more interested in the so-called ‘internal strength secrets'.


Yaofeng province, the Five style sect.

This sect is listed as the three major sects in Yaofeng province alongside the Fengyun Gang and the Changhe Sect.

Some innate masters have cultivated true Chi within each sect, and they are majestic.

The Fierce Tiger Fist Hall owner, where Fangxian stole his studies from, was once a disciple of the Five style sect.

On both sides of the ancient main gate pillars, huge stone statue lions stand, guarded by several elite warriors.

As the door swings open, through it, you can see the wide track fields inside, full of wooden stakes, stone locks, and other objects.

Dozens of Five style sect disciples were practicing martial arts among themselves.

"Wu! Wu! Wu!"

The mighty chants sounded out from time to time, with passion and high spirits.

"Halt, who’s there", as Fangxian approached slightly, a Five Style sect disciple greeted him and asked.

"My name is Fangxian, and I wish to join your honorable sect."

Fang Xian answered with a faint smile.

He was a little wary of the Liu family, but the fastest way to obtain martial arts and even internal strength techniques would still be to join forces with another party.

Strictly speaking, he had some connections with the Five Style sect, so he conveniently chose this sect.

"Are you going to come to apprentice to learn martial arts" the disciple in black asked.

"No, I want to join Five lakes halls!" Fangxian shook his head.

The Five style sect also accepts heroes from all corners of the world, just like the guest of other households, but it recruits martial artists with a certain skill.

Fangxian's age was suitable to learn martial arts from a teacher, but he wouldn’t be able to afford the tuition fees.

In contrast, by joining Five lakes halls, one can obtain a "sacrifice".

Each entry and exit has to be verified just because of the amount of money involved.

"Just because..."

Just as the disciple in black wanted to say something, he saw Fangxian step forward, and there was a sound of cracking from the joints of his body.

"The muscles… the muscles and bones are in sync, the tiger bones are fully formed"

Seeing Fangxian's deliberate display of strength, the disciple's expression changed, and he halfheartedly smiled with admiration.

He no longer dared to despise Fangxian because Fangxian was young: "Please follow me!"

He led the way and entered the gate, with Fangxian following behind.

Along the way, some disciples looked over curiously, but most of them continued with their training.

Fangxian’s eyes swept around seemingly.

Tiger style, crane style, dragon style…

"Well… the tiger style is strong and tough, the crane is light and flexible, the dragon is vigorous and energetic… after watching it a few times, I had almost mastered them… "

This secret learning method used to steal studies was impossible for ordinary people.

What's more, not everyone could enter here.

The black-clothed disciple took Fang Xian to a side hall, and then he ran out after.

Subsequently, a maid next to him served him some fragrant tea.

Not long after, a middle-aged warrior with a ruddy face, a beard, and a forty-year-old strode into the hall: "I am Xiaozha, the deputy director of the Five Lakes Hall, this little brother, do you have interest in joining the hall"

"Yes!" Fangxian subtly clenched his fists.

"Then may I know where did this little brother come from, or from whom he inherited from" Xiaozha asked with a smile.

As the deputy head of the Five Lakes hall, he has seen a lot of people from all walks of life and has developed the ability not to judge people by their appearances, and the ability to conceal his own emotions.

"Home is where the heart is, my heart belongs to the world, and I have lived in Yaofeng city for a few years.

As for my teacher I have learned a single technique of Tiger Fists… " Of course, Fangxian wouldn't detailedly recount the truth and immediately display it here in front of Xiaozha.

"Tiger Fist"

Xiaozha nodded and shook his head.

There are many disciples in Five style sect's martial arts hall in this city.

They would teach it if they can profit, and they are widely spread, but there are very few who can practice martial arts.

He paced a few steps and said with a smile: "If you want to join the Five lakes hall, you must be influential players in the fields of martial arts.

Will this little brother be willing to accept the challenge"


"Okay then, follow me."

Xiaozha led the way and took Fangxian to a small practice field.

"Sir Guardian, this little brother wants to join the Five lakes Hall, please display your martial arts skills!"

He politely said to a martial artist who was practicing on the field.

"Where is this little guy from, who dares to learn from others to wander the underworld"

The palace elder was in his thirties, with slender cheeks and triangular eyes, and had a gloomy aura.

At this time, he sneered, but he didn't even say hello, he just started attacking!


The other person's shadow fluttered, his arms opened, like a white crane flying through the sky, at an astonishing speed, his right hand turned into a crane's beak, pecking at Fangxian's temple.

This action was like swooping towards prey when it is unprepared, it was considered very despicable, and even a sneak attack!

"Crane style"

Fang Xian sneered deep down and strode forward to welcome his opponents.

The essence of Tiger Boxing is just one word - ferocity!

Courage! Ferocity! Strike first, be brave, never lose momentum!


He suffocated suddenly, and there seemed to be a swollen lump in his throat, like a tiny mouse, going straight down into the Dantian and then rushing out again!

Channeling energy from Dantian, and the tigers roar in the mountains and forests!


With this ‘tiger roar’, even Xiaozha took a few steps back and his face was shocked, thinking that he had heard a real tiger roar!

If it is an ordinary person, just this scare may cause one’s ears to ring and lose the will to fight.

The palace guardian was not an ordinary person, but he inevitably remained still.

Fangxian took a step forward, and in the eyes of the palace guardian, the figure seemed towering, casting a large amount of darkness over him.


He grabbed it with one claw, channeling strength into his five fingers, and pierced his five fingers like a steel hook, directly extirpating the crane style, causing the palace guardian's arm to sink, with a crisp bone-cracking sound.

Not only that, but he also rushed straight up towards him, grabbing the vitals of the palace guardian's throat!

Tiger claws break the crane style!

Next to him, Xiaozha already seemed sluggish.

With just a sound and a claw, he defeated the strong guardian of the sect.

'This martial arts… he is a master, more importantly, he is still so young, not inferior than Fengyun Gang's "Little Sword King" Lu Changfeng, and Changhe Sect’s "Inconsistent Hand" Wuyong… even the direct disciple of the sect master might not hold a candle to him.'

"Much obliged."

Fang Xian looked at the flushed face of the palace guardian and calmly withdrew his hand.

Whenever he fights against people, has the bonus of 【Eye of the mysterious caverns】, finding flaws, and it would be a simple matter to win with just one blow.

'With this cheat key, I will never lose to an equally skilled opponent… If the skill level is too different, you can see it with the eyes, but the body can't keep up, then there is no way… '


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